What I Love About Will

I love Will’s ability to make me laugh! He entertains us with his witty sense of humor, I just can’t keep up sometimes! One of Will’s best qualities is his natural gift of being a great father. One of my favorite things is watching Will and Harrison working together outside. Harrison loves it when Will hitches up the trailer to dump mulch, or clear up sticks. The smile on his face is priceless. I find myself realizing how lucky I am to be married to someone who enjoys taking the extra time to make sure his child can experience and explore, otherwise mundane chores, in an adventurous way. Kids have always flocked to him, I think they are comforted by his calmness. I am struck by his hard work, and the dedication he has for his job as an elementary school principal. His love and passion for all of “his” kids is obvious. The drive he has shows how important it is to, not only make his family comfortable, but also to educate young minds and those who are molding them. Will’s practical side compliments my sensitive side. He helps me organize my emotions and has become my rock. While we all have our imperfections, I feel pretty lucky to have found someone who’s imperfections I’d rather live with, than live without. I just love this man.

All About Me

Age- 34

Profession- Elementary school Principal

Favorite Movie Types- Physiological Thrillers!

Favorite TV Show - The Office

Favorite animal- Dog

Favorite sports teams- NY Giants, NY Knicks

Interests- Hanging on our deck with family and friends, watching football and basketball, going to concerts, technology, good food

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Type of Music: Country

Favorite Food: Pizza