What I Love About Michelle

I love Michelle’s carefree attitude and ability to enjoy the little moments in life. She can take a routine day and turn it into one to remember without needing much. Her outgoing, talkative personality usually lead us on new, fun adventures. Without her, I would have missed out on so many exciting experiences. I love how she encourages me to expand my thinking and try new things. Not only is she an incredible wife, she is also an incredible mother. Michelle is patient and understanding while giving Harrison incredible childhood experiences. A weekly, potentially boring, task of going to the grocery store is made fun by having Harrison bring his own cart and use the self scanner. The best part is hearing him tell us about how much fun he had that night as we talk about our day. That is only one small examples, there are countless more. I am always amazed the way she is able to strike the perfect balance of being firm yet loving with Harrison. I believe this comes from her years of experience educating students with Autism as well as working, in all aspects, with horses. Her demeanor and genuine kindness is something that you immediately are drawn to and trust. I cannot imagine living my life without her by my side.

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