Conversation Lesson


The conversation lesson suits every student who has already mastered a few notions of French (vocabulary and grammar) or those with an advanced level.  This activity aims to correct all the mistakes made by the students related to their mother tongue (such as anglicisms, hellenisms, germanisms, and so forth) as well as permanently eliminating all grammar or syntax mistakes.

Because I consider it fundamental that students not waste their energy writing notes during the lesson but instead focus only on speaking, I write the notes rather than have the students to do so.  I write every mistake next to the correct expression in French, and they receive several pages of notes after each lesson.  These valuable notes clearly show the students' mistakes and how those mistakes can be eliminated.  The accumulation of notes over time will represent a book tailored specifically to each student's needs.

Any foreigner can develop self-confidence in various real-life personal and professional situations thanks to the oral speech lesson.