Grammar teaching


 Along with phonetics, grammar is the key to making significant progress when studying French.

A competent teacher should aim to do far more than just describe grammatical rules and the conjugation of verbs.  As with the teaching of phonetics, my approach to grammar is to focus on explaining the reasons behind different grammatical rules.  In turn this enables the pupil to fully understand how the language has developed and it is therefore easier for the pupil to remember what they have learnt in the longer term.

My in depth knowledge of both English and German enables me to provide beginners with relevant explanations in either of these languages, and equally enables me to provide relevant examples between, for example, English and French.  This is particularly useful when teaching complex grammatical structures.

Lastly, the key to efficient learning also consists in such a perfectly progressive teaching method that it becomes possible with a minimum of effort to aim for a very advanced level of French.