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Michele Seidman has worked as an actress for over 30 years in every medium from stage, to film, tv, animation, radio, commercial and industrial. She has been an acting coach for camera actors for over 25 years and was the Film Studies Director for CFCC. Currently on the Board of the Hampstead Foundation, One of the founding members of CFIFN, former Associate Board Member of the CF Filmmakers Accord, she also served on various boards related to the entertainment industry. The Virginia born actress credits include, Dawsons Creek, Dingalingless, the soap opera Another Life, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, and A Little Mouth to Feed (recently screened at Slamdance and the Philly Cine Festivals, winner of the 2008 CFI Film Fest Best Horror Award). She is in the pod cast Port City PD, episode 4 & the voice of Mime Fujiko in Rupin III The Fuma Conspiracy! Acting is her first love but singing the blues is the beat of her heart and food for her soul! She fronts her own blues band and says "I never felt so full". 

Update July 2013
So sorry for the lack of updates but between getting the last of her surgeries and finishing her short film...things just got busy!

A Dream on Fire has already been in several film festivals (Fort Meyers Beach Film Festival 2013, Cape Fear Film Festival 2013 where it was nominated in the Best Local Film category for the Wilmington Film Awards). Now submitted to festivals in multiple countries. Update for that are found on the films page and you can view the trailer on youtube. Michele has been booking some film roles, mostly short films but with some amazing film teams but she cannot give titles or details at this time. Like they often do in film and tv...they ask talent to keep their big mouths shut! All the news that is fit for print will be out soon! As for the tune she sang in the Arthur Newman, Golf Pro film (now released and details can be public) was the tune Better Than I written by Madison Bunting (guitar player ) for Michele and the Midnight Blues. It is now available on itunes, reverbnation and googleplay. More updates soon and it will be done more often!

Update June 2012,  Michele has produced, directed and edited her first documentary Zombie Wrangler, recently nominated for Best Regional Film at the 2012 Cape fear Independent Film Festival. Editing was a skill she taught herself while she was mending from several medical issues. She recently worked on the film Arthur Newman, Golf Pro as a lounge singer thanks to a submission of her performance with her band Michele and the Midnight Blues. Many know she is not able to sing on a regular basis at this time but was lucky enough that the song selection was in a key she felt comfort in. Currently she is in pre-production of a serious short film A Dream On Fire that she will produce and direct this fall. Meanwhile she prepares to direct The Dixie Swim Club for Big Dawg Productions at The Cape fear Playhouse.

A Little Mouth to Feed

Jack Daniel Stanley
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Michele Seidman
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Winner: Best Thriller 
HollyShorts 2010

Winner: Best Horror Short at
CFIFN Film Festival 2008

Slamdance Selection 2009

Philedelphia Film Fest 2009

LA. Cine Space 2008

Shriekfest 2009

Toronto After Dark 2009

Texas Blood Bath 2009

Atlanta Film Fest 2009

Austin Film Fest 2009

DVX Hallows Fest 2008