Michele M. Martin 

Career Development, Technology and Learning Strategies for Lifelong Personal and Professional Growth



Freelance consultant with over 10 years of experience working with businesses,  nonprofits, education and government agencies.

 Services include:

  • Using project-based and Web 2.0 technologies to create engaging training experiences and support ongoing professional development.
  • Developing and delivering career planning and career management retreats and programs for individuals and organizations. 
  • Developing and facilitating online learning communities and networks. 
  • Training and support in using blogs, wikis, social networks and other Web 2.0 tools for personal learning, professional development, branding and community-bulding. 

Instructional Design and Training Delivery

 I have developed and delivered a wide range of training services, ranging from a 120-hour professional certification program to 3-hour refresher courses. Although each project depends on the needs of my clients, I generally try to utilize highly interactive, project-based approaches that make effective use of technology to provide ongoing coaching and support to learners.

 Career Development, Planning and Management

 I am certified by the National Career Development Association as a Career Development Facilitator Instructor and have provided training in career planning and career management to employees of businesses, nonprofits, and the U.S. Department of Labor. These trainings have ranged from half-day sessions on identifying and using your strengths at work to a 3-day retreat that utilized employee career plans as a springboard for business strategic planning. I also developed and delivered a 3-week "Train the Trainer" program on career planning and job search skills for Goodwill Industries International.

Social Media

I see blogs as extremely effective and versatile tools for learning, branding and community-building, so I maintain two of them.

The Bamboo Project is where I discuss social media and Web 2.0 tools and how to use them to support learning, community-building and professional development. This is also where I run my own learning experiments and reflect on those experiences.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling is another blog I created to provide ongoing career support and information to women. I focus in particular on how women can use online tools and strategies to create their own personal brands and connect with various learning and networking opportunities.

Another area of focus for me is the development and facilitation of private social networks.

I've created the Building a Better Blog community to share blogging best practices and ideas and to provide bloggers with a forum for feedback and ongoing learning experiences.

I also run the Beyond the Glass Ceiling community as a supplement to the Beyond the Glass Ceiling blog and have developed several private networks for clients to support classroom training and cross-organizational communications.

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