About me

My name is Michał (mee-how) Klincewicz (clean-tse-veech) and I am an assistant professor in Tilburg University in the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence.

I am also an assistant professor (part-time) in Jagiellonian University in the Department of Cognitive Science, in the Institute of philosophy.

I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

I received my Ph.D. in philosophy in 2013 at City University of New York, Graduate Center, with David Rosenthal as the supervisor. My dissertation is here.

Publications and CV are on my PhilPapers page.

My research focuses on the temporal dimension of cognition, including conscious experience, perception, memory, and dreams. I also care a great deal about ethically problematic consequences of emerging technologies, such as autonomous weapon systems and moral enhancement.

I am currently realizing two research projects. "Multimodal aspects of time perception" funded by Polish Science Center (NCN) with a SONATA 9 grant and "Moral Improvement with Artificial Intelligence," which is a series of articles on the ethical and moral dimensions of artificial intelligence.

Information about my team in Kraków and what we do is here.