Michael Zibulevsky

Михаил Цыбулевский,Технион
Цыбулевский Михаил Леонидович
מיכאל ציבולבסקי

Principal Research Fellow

Department of Computer Science

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa 32000, Israel

Email: mzib@cs.technion.ac.il, mzibul@gmail.com

Tel: 054-784-7738

Room 436

Research Interests

Numerical optimization, deep learning, sparse signal representations, independent component analysis, inverse problems in medical imaging


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Selected Publications

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Book Chapters:

  • M. Zibulevsky, B. A. Pearlmutter, P. Bofill, and P. Kisilev, "Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition", chapter in the book: S. J. Roberts, and R.M. Everson eds., Independent Component Analysis: Principles and Practice, Cambridge, 2001. gzipped ps file , pdf file

  • M. Zibulevsky,"Relative Newton and Smoothing Multiplier Optimization Methods for Blind Source Separation", chapter in the book: S. Makino, T.W. Lee and H. Sawada eds., Blind Speech Separation, Springer Series: Signals and Communication Technology XV, 2007 pdf file

  • R. Gribonval and M. Zibulevsky. Sparse Component Analysis, in Pierre Comon and Christian Jutten (Editors), Handbook of Blind Source Separation: Independent Component Analysis and Applications, ELSEVIER 2010, pp.367-420

Papers and Reports:


  • Ron Rubinstein, Michael Zibulevsky, Michael Elad, Double Sparsity: Learning Sparse Dictionaries for Sparse Signal Approximation, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol. 58, No. 3, Pages 1553-1564, March 2010


  • Michael Zibulevsky (2009) How to prevent economic crisis in time of disaster: consumer insurance bonds

  • Michael Zibulevsky (2008), On convex formulation of 1D scaling problem

  • Michael Zibulevsky (2008), SESOP-TN: Combining Sequential Subspace Optimization with Truncated Newton method

  • Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein and Michael Zibulevsky, "On Separation of Semitransparent Dynamic Images from Static Background",

  • L. Dascal, M. Zibulevsky and R. Kimmel, "Signal denoising by constraining the residual to be statistically noise-similar", Technical Report, 2008 pdf file

  • A.M. Bruckstein, M. Elad, and M. Zibulevsky, On the Uniqueness of Nonnegative Sparse Solutions to Underdetermined Systems of Equations, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 54, No. 11, Pages 4813-4820, November 2008

  • Sarit Shwartz, Yoav Y. Schechner and Michael Zibulevsky (2008), Blind separation of convolutive image mixtures, To be published in Neurocomputing, Special issue on Advances in Blind Signal Processing.

  • M. Elad, B. Matalon, and M. Zibulevsky, "Coordinate and Subspace Optimization Methods for Linear Least Squares with Non-Quadratic Regularization", Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Vol. 23, pp. 346-367, November 2007. pdf file

  • D. Model and M. Zibulevsky (October 2006), Learning Subject-Specic Spatial and Temporal Filters for Single-Trial EEG Classi/cation, NeuroImage, Vol 32, Issue 4, pp 1631-1641 pdf file

  • Model D. and Zibulevsky M. (2006), Signal Reconstruction in Sensor Arrays using Sparse Representations, Signal Processing, Vol 86, Issue 3, pp 624-638 pdf file

  • Shwartz S., Zibulevsky M., and Schechner Y.Y. (2005), Fast kernel entropy estimation and optimization, Signal Processing, Vol 85, pp. 1045-1058 pdf file

  • Narkiss, G. and Zibulevsky, M. (2005). "Sequential Subspace Optimization Method for Large-Scale Unconstrained Problems", Tech. Report CCIT No 559, EE Dept., Technion. pdf file

  • Narkiss, G. and Zibulevsky, M. (2005). "Support Vector Machine via Sequential Subspace Optimization", Tech. Report CCIT No 557, EE Dept., Technion. pdf file

  • Zibulevsky, M. (2005). "Blind Source Separation using Relative Newton Method combined with Smoothing Method of Multipliers", Tech. Report CCIT No 556, EE Dept, Technion. pdf file

  • A.M. Bronstein, M.M. Bronstein, M. Zibulevsky and Y.Y.Zeevi, "Sparse ICA for blind separation of transmitted and reflected images", Intl. Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (IJIST), Vol. 15/1, pp. 84-91, 2005.

  • A.M. Bronstein, M.M. Bronstein, M. Zibulevsky and Y.Y.Zeevi, "Blind Deconvolution of Images using Optimal Sparse Representations", IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 14(6):726-736, June 2005. pdf file

  • Alexey Polonsky, Michael Zibulevsky: MEG/EEG Source Localization Using Spatio-temporal Sparse Representations. ICA 2004: 1001-1008 pdf file

  • Thesis of Alexey Polonsky

  • A. Bronstein, M. Bronstein and M. Zibulevsky (2003), "Relative optimization for blind deconvolution", IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, to appear. pdf file

  • A. Bronstein, M. Bronstein and M. Zibulevsky (2003), "Blind source separation using block-coordinate relative Newton method" pdf file

  • P. Kisilev, M. Zibulevsky, Y.Y. Zeevi (2003). "Multiscale framework for blind source separation", JMLR, in press. pdf file

  • Zibulevsky, M. "Blind Source Separation with Relative Newton Method", Proceedings ICA2003, pp. 897-902

  • Zibulevsky, M. and Pearlmutter, B.A. (2000). "Second order blind source separation by recursive splitting of signal subspaces", Proceedings ICA2000. gzipped ps file

  • Bronstein M., Bronstein A. and Zibulevsky M. (2002). ``Iterative reconstruction in diffraction tomography using non-uniform FFT'' pdf file

  • Bronstein A., Bronstein M., Zibulevsky M. and Zeevi Y.Y. (2002). ``Optimal nonlinear estimation of photon coordinates in PET'' pdf file

  • M. Zibulevsky (2003). "Smoothing Method of Multipliers for Sum-Max Problems" gzipped ps file

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  • Zibulevsky, M. and Pearlmutter, B.A. (1999). "Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition ", Neural Computations 13(4), 2001 gzipped ps file , zipped ps file , OLD html verson, Demo

  • M. Zibulevsky, Y.Y. Zeevi (2002). "Extraction of a single source from multichannel data using sparse decomposition", Neurocomputing 49, pp 163-173. gzipped ps file

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  • Zibulevsky, M. (1998). "ML Reconstruction of Dynamic Pet Images from Projections and Clist ", Technical Report CS98-3, Computer Science Department, University of New Mexico. gzip ps

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  • Zibulevsky M. (1996) Penalty/Barrier Multiplier Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear and Semidefinite Programming. Ph.D. Thesis. gzip ps , gzip dvi

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  • Akaysha C. Tang, Barak A. Pearlmutter, Michael Zibulevsky, Tim A. Hely, and Michael Weisend. An MEG study of response latency and variability in the human visual system during a visual-motor integration task. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems*99. Morgan Kaufmann, 2000, to appear.

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  • Zibulevsky M. (1995) "New Penalty/Barrier and Lagrange Multiplier Approach for Semidefinite Programming". Research Report #5/95, Optimization Laboratory:

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  • Kuprienko, A. and Zibulevsky, M. (1987). " Efficient Data Transmission over High-noised Telephone Channels", NIIASS, Kiev, USSR.

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