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Solutions Architecture

Michael W Meissner - Solutions Architect - Rail Systems
Mr. Michael W. Meissner is a senior Solutions Architect at Ethernautics, Inc. with over 30 of experience across the Telecommunications and Utilities Domains.

Meissner has lead program teams that have the primary responsibility to architect and execute a solution that is;  "well engineered, operable, extensible and maintainable, delivered on schedule, aligns to enterprise vision and actually provides the anticipated business value.

  • Mr. Meissner is a highly skilled Solutions Architect skills are derived from decades of practical skill development thru hands-on experience across all phases the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Mr. Meissner has extensive experience leading every phase of the project life cycle (Software Development Life Cycle and System Development Life Cyber) from intake through delivery.
Michael W. Meissner Solutions Architect - SDLC Skills
Including skills and experience with:

  • Mr. Meissner exhibits the highest level of technical and business maturity ranging across the Information Technologies domain with depth of knowledge through the entire Technology Stack.

  • Mr. Meissner relies on his broad and deep expertise to engage with business counterparts in a business architect function, understanding business requirements, translating these to capabilities, and mapping those capabilities to the correct application and supporting infrastructure that can meet the business demands.

  • Mr. Meissner as a Solutions Architect has performed solutions engineering, business requirements analysis, requirement specification, and project solution documentation following established methodologies and templates

  • Mr. Meissner maintains expert skills having built and deployed a variety of enterprise applications including: Customer Resource Management CRM, Business Support Systems (BSS), Operational Support Systems (OSS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, MDM, Workflow Management Systems (WMS).
  • Mr. Meissner has develop an Integration Architecture to fully manage/support the enterprise needs, including architectures to implement a combination of new systems and changes to multiple existing systems in the technology and application stack to allow the sale, service provisioning, and customer care (service assurance), billing (BSS), operation support systems (OSS) of new products sold to business customers.

  • Mr. Meissner is responsible for making sure the entire solution design is complete and consistent from the start and seeks to remove as much re-work as possible.

  • Subject matter expertise in broad realm of business function (cyber security, e-business/e-commerce, order management, fulfillment, supply chain and customer service management.

  • Mr. Meissner has decades of architecture and design consulting experience with Integration technologies across Operating Systems, Hardware Platforms, Various languages, Database Technologies, File Formats, and Transport methods.

  • Mr. Meissner implements complex business solutions working with enterprise Infrastructure concepts and technologies such as: Cyber Security,  SOA, BPM, BAM, EAI, and MDM.
  • Mr. Meissner is a solutions expert in high volume transactional environments with mission critical systems and services.
  • Gap Analysis
  • Competitive analysis within the industry space
Reference Accounts:

Michael W. Meissner - Solutions Architect - Systems Engineer at Information Mechanics for Telecommunications Company Inc. (TCI) - Telecommunications Billing System Development and Transformation