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Cyber Security Engineering

  • Cyber Security Project/Program Management implementing Cyber Security Programs in Critical National Infrastructure Projects
  • Systems Architect/Cyber Security Digital Systems Engineer implementing 10CFR73.54 NIST – Cyber Security Framework for Critical Infrastructure (Nuclear Power Stations, Water Stations, Telecommunications). 
  • Cyber Security Engineering - Critical Digital Asset Assessments, Vulnerability Threat Mitigation, Design and Deploy IT and Plant Control Infrastructure (ICS) thru the modification process to support Cyber Security in an Industrial Environments. 
    • For the following systems:
      • Voice (CUCM)
      • Data - Clanssified and Unclassified
      • Network Infrastructure
      • Public Address
      • Mobile Telecom, Radio (DAS) 
      • Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) 
        • Fire
        • Electronic Security and Surveillance
        • Infrastructure Security
      • Plant Control System (PCS)
        • Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
        • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
        • Supevisory Control and Data Aquitision Systems (SCADA
      • Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation, 
  • Asset Management throughout the System Lifecycle
  • Implementation of NIST – Cyber Security Framework for Critical Infrastructure.
  • Cyber Security Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices
  • Governance
  • Network Security Design, Radio Encryption
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Policies and Procedures development
  • Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management
  • Security Systems
  • Cyber Security Engineering providing Cyber Security Design and build of network and application security and authorization for plant control and reporting systems.
  • Plant Control Systems (PCS, ICS) and SCADA Systems in Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical Processing and Water Treatment/Distribution Critical Infrastructure
  • Design overall Defense-In-Depth Architecture for plant systems (NIST Cyber Security Framework and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance COBIT, COSO). 
  • Identification of attack vulnerabilities (OWASP) and design of defensive strategies and techniques for plant systems. Vulnerability Assessments (ISO/IEC 15408-1:2009), Penetration Testing, and Systems Monitoring.
  • Cryptography Theory
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Use the right tools for the job:
  • IT cybersecurity detection and prevention tools:
  • Network Monitoring – SolarWinds
  • Vulnerability Scanners - Retina
  • SIEM – Splunk, QRadar 
  • IDS / IPS – Sourcefire, Cisco IPS 4200, IntruShield
  • Password Management - Thycotic 
  • Defense in Depth Architecture and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) 
  • Incident Management and Forensics
  • HSM - Hardware Security Module
  • Safe Guards (10 CFR 73.51)
  • Cyber Security Training and Awareness

Reference Projects:

Michael W. Meissner with Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through EdgeRock to California Water Services Group (CWS) for Cyber Security Program Development, SCADA Network Security, Vulnerability Mitigation for protection of Critical Assets in Water Treatment/Distribution Plants. (2015) (Click Here)
Michael W. Meissner with Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through Areva, NP to South Texas Project (STP) for program implementation of 10CF73.54 Protection of Critical Assets in Nuclear Power Plants. (2012-2015) (Click Here)
Michael W. Meissner with Ethernautics, Inc. contracted through CSC to Urenco-USA/(LES) for program implementation and protection of Critical Assets in Nuclear Enrichment Facilities.(2007-2012) (Click Here)
Michael W. Meissner with Information Mechanics, Inc. contracted by Telecommunication Corporation Inc. (TCI) for development of Secure Encrypted communications to Digital Set Top Boxes (Click Here) - Addressability Systems: US Patent Number #6070001 (Click Here)

Published Work:

Ethernautics, Inc. – Michael W Meissner: Cyber Security Database Threats
( Click Here)
Glossary of Terms - Cyber Security At Nuclear Power Plants
( Click Here )
Secure Encrypted communications to Digital Set Top Boxes (Click Here) - Addressability Systems: US Patent Number #6070001 (Click Here )
Ethernautics, Inc. – Meissner: Cyber Security Standards, Best Practices and PRADL for Water Utilities ( Click Here )
Cyber Security in the Automobile: Automobile/Vehicle Protocol Buses ( Click Here )
Communications Protocols Utilized in Plant Control Systems are a key component in the development of a Cyber Security Controls Catalog - Quora ( Click Here)
Michael W Meissner - Cyber Security Program Manager and Cyber Security Engineer: Capabilities and Experience: (Click Here)