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Make $250,000 in weeks: As seen on Oprah and 20/20!

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Make $250,000 in weeks: As seen on Oprah and 20/20!

Earn money as seen on Oprah and 20/20!!! Oprah, most likely the richest woman in America, has seen that this actually works, so who am I to argue? Who better knows how to make money than this woman, while remaining upfront and honest? When an investigative team from ABC reported, they also agreed that this works. I trust both to be accurate and ethical. So, if they say that this is a easy way (WITH ONLY A $6.00 INVESTMENT!)to make a bunch of money and is completely legal, I'm going for it! When Oprah and ABC ran this story about a 15 year old boy who made $71,000 in 5 weeks, and another $250,000 in a few more weeks. This really can make you easy money!! It works!! But you have to follow this letter for it to work. This is not a pyramid scam!! I was intrigued........ I came across this article stating that you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars with this method; it is not a pyramid scam, is completely legal, and money is paid and received through Pay Pal, which is the safest way I know of to exchange money on the web. I'm certainly going to take a stab at it, and hope you will too. We all profit because it's about people helping other people by compounding. Following is the article: "Can you really make money so easily? I am and this helps in developing my own online business! I thought it was impossible. Just read this. I don't even have to convince you that this is not a scam because it makes logical sense how you can earn money through Pay Pal. A little while back, I was browsing through a newsgroup, just like you are now and came across an article similar to this that said you could make thousands dollars within weeks with only an initial investment of $6.00! So I thought, "Yeah, right, this must be a scam", but like most of us, I was curious, so I kept reading : OPRAH WINFREY and an article published in the Wall Street Journal, here is some of it!! Everyone has heard about "PayPal" (if you haven't you will soon) and, when I came across this concept I knew it would work because, as a member of PayPal, I had already experienced their efficiency and excellent standing. PayPal is the simplest method of making and receiving payments online anyone has ever seen! Anyone with an email address can join, for FREE! Please read further before you go there... You can complete this whole process in less than one hour and you will never forget the day you decided to do so!!! Oh!, Did I say FAST? By fast I mean 'the speed of the Internet-type fast.' Everything is done on the Internet by email. And, if you abide by the rules, it is NOT considered SPAM, so it's perfectly legal! Anyway, it said that you send $1.00 through paypal to each of the emails stated in the article. You then place your own email address in the bottom of the list at No.6, and post the article in at least 200 newsgroups. (There are thousands.) No catch, that was it. So after thinking it over, and talking to few people first, I thought about trying it. I figured what have I got to lose except $6.00, right? Like most of us I was a little skeptical and a little worried about the legal aspects of it. It follows the same regulations as the mailed chain letters, which according to the U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161) is indeed legal! Then I invested the measly $6.00. Well GUESS WHAT!!?. Within 7 days, I started getting money in my PayPal account! I was shocked and excited! I figured it would end soon, but the money just kept coming in. In my first week, I made about $25.00. By the end of the second week I had made a total over $1,100.00! In the third week I had over $9,000.00 and it's still growing. This is now my fourth week and I have made a total of just over $22,000.00 and it's still Coming in rapidly. It's certainly worth $6.00. I have spent more than that on the lottery!! Let me tell you how this works and most importantly, why it works? Also, make sure you print a copy of this article NOW, so you can get the information off of it as you need it. REQUIREMENTS: You must have a verified PayPal account. If you do not have an account you can go to www.paypal.com and follow the instructions to set up a free account. In order to place the initial $6 into your account, you will have to verify your bank account with PayPal (which may take a few days). Paypal is 100% secure and is used my millions of people world wide. STEP 1: Send, through PayPal, $1.00 to each email on the below list. Make the subject of the payment "Email List" and in the comments, Write "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST." What you are doing is creating a service. THIS IS THE SENTENCE THAT MAKES ALL OF THIS 100% LEGAL! Best of all, you are not giving your address to anyone you do not know. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! The email list:

1) michael_w_ 61944@yahoo.com







STEP 2: Now take the 1st email off the list that you see above, move the other addresses up (6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, etc?) and add YOUR email address (the one used on the paypal account) as number 6 on the list. STEP 3: Change anything you need to, but try to keep this article as close to original as possible. Now, post your amended article to at least 200 newsgroups, message boards and focus groups. (I think there are close to 32,000 groups.) All you need is 200, but remember, the more you post, the more money you make - as well as everyone else on the list! ---- DIRECTIONS---- HOW TO POST TO NEWSGROUPS, MESSAGE BOARDS, etc.---------- Step 1) You do not need to re-type this entire letter to do your own posting. Simply put your cursor at the beginning of this letter and drag your : Cursor to the bottom of this document, and select 'copy' From the edit menu. This will copy the entire letter into the computer memory. Here's the interesting part: even if you only get a 7.5% return from your 200 posts, this is what can happen: If 200 people receive your post,15 people will send you $1.00 = $15. If 15 people reach 200 people, 225 people respond with $1.00 = $225. If 225 people reach 200 people, 3375 respond with $1.00 = $3375. If 3375 people reach 200 people,50,625 people respond with $1.00= $50,625 If 50,625 people reach 200 people,759,375 people respond with$1.00 = $759.375 YIKES! RIGHT?? Step 4) Open a blank 'notepad' file and place your cursor at the top of the blank page. From the 'edit' menu select 'paste'. This will paste a copy of the letter into notepad so that you can add your name to the list. Step 5) save your new notepad File as a .txt file. If you want to do your postings in different sittings, you'll always have this file to go back to. : Step 6) Use Netscape or Internet explorer and try searching for various newsgroups (on-line forums, message boards, chat sites, discussions.) Just example you log on any search engine like, yahoo.com,google.com, altavista.com,excite.com then you search with this subject millionaire message board? or money making message Board? or employment message board? or money making discussions? web entrepreneur forums? or money making forum? or business message board? etc. Home business forums? home business boards? BEING CREATIVE WILL BOOST YOUR RESULTS !!! You will find thousand & thousand message board. Click one by one then you will find the option post a new message. Step 7) Visit these message boards and post this article as a new message by highlighting the text of this letter and selecting paste from the edit menu. Fill In the Subject, this will be the header that everyone sees as they scroll through the list of postings in a particular group, click the post message button. You're done with your first one! Please Be Honest and it will truly work for you.



"I am naturally skeptical and I have recieved at least 35 letters similar to this one in a six month period.  There was,however, something about this one that I liked.  It takes less of an investment than some othere do,and all the participants receive money, not just the top one  Anway I sent 250 letters and hoped for the best.  Nothing happened for 11 days, but on the 12th day I received $90.00.  Over the next 4 1/2 months I received over $800,000.00  cash By paypal.  I am doing it now with 1,000 Letters  (emails)." ...Jay Masterson


"Iwanted to try a similar program in which it cost $ 5.00 for 5 names and much more in expenses, but at the time I didn't have the money to invest.  First time I sent this letter I got my expenses back in one week! After a short time, I got well over $800,000.00  and now I am try it again ! Good Luck to you all, it really works!"....Sandra Frisch


"When I got this letter, I said"yeah, sure" and pitched it.  Then later I remembered hearing that  skepticism breeds failure, while belief leads to success.  So I rescued the letter ,ordered fresh mailing list, and sent them out.  Thank Haven I DID!!  In few months I paid off all my debts and cut my credit cards, now I can pay for everything in cash, and it feels great!! I love buying what I need without paying interest".... Roland Siegerot


"My name is Dick Hollman, in October 2003 my car was stolen, and my apartment was broken into.  Bill collectors were hounding me like you wouldn't believe.  I was laid off and my unemployment insurance ran out.  In the  following days ,  I received a letter (email) telling me how to make $800k any time I wanted to!!  Of course I was skepyical, but because I was so desperate and had Nothing to lose, I gave it a try.  In January 2004, my family and I went on ten-day cruise!! In February I bought a new C adillac with Cash ! Today, I am  currently building a second home in Southern Virginia, and I'll never have to work again.

     THIS PROGRAM WORKS PERFECTLY.  I have never failed to make $800,000.00 on each email. This a great business opportunity and perfectly legal money making program.  It  doesn't require you to sell anything or to come in contact with anyone.  Best of all, the only time you leave home is to go to the bak and that's easy!

I'm sure you could use $800,000.00 in the next 90 days.  Please study this letter carefully.".....Steven Anderson


We all invest in lotteries, enter sweepstakes,clip coupons, etc... We need to invest in one another.  Maybe you are not in need of money-then do it for someone else.  For a neighbor, a college student,  endowment fund, etc.


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