Football Manager 2017 - How To Add a Manager Picture [Patch 17.3.1]

Football Manager 2017 (and Football Manager Touch 2017) has made some changes to how the manager picture works, with one of the new features being the ability to turn a photo into a facegen image used by the regens in the game, unfortunately it seems the adding of this feature removed the ability for you to assign a image to your manager via a config file like you do with players, SI for some reason also removed the option to add a manager picture from the preferences menu.

Whilst pre-patch 17.3.1 it was possible to use some coding from FM16 to get the picture back this workaround was disabled in that patch, however thanks to some work from Cyrius50 at it is now possible to add a Manager Picture when adding your Manager to the game, however at the moment it isn't possible to apply the picture to existing profiles nor to change the image, and it may be disabled again if the game gets any more patches.

When you have installed the mod on the Add Manager panel select either Edit Profile or New Profile, then on the Profile screen you should see a new option below the Social Networks as in the below picture:

Clicking on 'Choose Picture' should take you to the file select popup, from here browse to the location on your hard drive where your image is selected and select the image, in the below example I have selected an image of the FM17 logo.

Once that is done fill in the rest of your profile as normal and continue through the profile settings and once you are into the game your image should now be showing:

Again this method has it's limitations:

- You cannot assign a picture to an existing manager, if you want an existing manager to have a picture you would need to retire that manager and create a new one to take over but you won't be able to keep any of your in-game progress.

- It isn't possible to change the image after the profile has been created so make sure you are happy with the image before you get too far into your game.

- Also be aware this feature is unsupported and might be removed again if the game gets another patch, also I have only tested to see if the image will appear I have no idea if it will cause any issues further into the game, so it is used at your own risk.

To install the mod you just need to extract the zip file for the version of FM17 you are using and place the panels folder inside the folder for your skin, then turn off the skin cache if it is on and reload your skin and you should have to option to add a picture as shown in the first image. If it wants to overwrite any files then you are best checking the manual instructions in the subpages linked at the bottom of the page as it means the skin you are using has already customized the file used so you'll need to modify the file yourself.

Please download the correct mod for the version of FM you have as Touch Mode requires a slightly different file than the Full Mode.

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