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Netbook2013 Dark Skin

A skin designed to work better on Netbooks and other computers who's screens are limited to a 1024x600 resolution. Skin is based on the default FM2013 Dark skin, with the most changes being the maximising of the screen content area.

Installation Instructions:

Extract the files from the zip, and place the netbook2013_dark folder and the config.xml file into your skins folder, by default this is:

My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/skins
(If you don't have a skins folder just create one)

If you are having problems getting the game to run due to your screen size being below 1024x768 you will need to add the --small_screen --windowed command to the Launch Options for Football Manager 2013 in Steam:

In your Steam Library right click on Football Manager 2013 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options and type in the box that appears "--small_screen --windowed" (without the " ") click OK then close the window and run FM2013 through steam it should now open in windowed mode, you should then be able to select the netbook skin in the preferences menu.

Now if you can go into the preferences menu without the game crashing select the Netbook2013 Dark skin in the dropdown menu, if it doesn't appear turn off the skin cache select always reload the skin and click reload skin to go back into the preferences menu and you should now be able to select the Netbook2013 Dark skin. (Once the skin is loaded you can turn the cache back on and turn off always reload skin).

If you cannot get into the preferences screen there are two alternative methods to change your skin:

1. In your Steam Library right click on FM2013 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options and add this line to what you have added above: " --skin=netbook2013_dark" without the " but with the space at the start, when you load the game it will select the skin referenced there 'netbook2013_dark' in this case. (To change skins you'll need to delete or modify this line) So the full line should now look like this:

--small_screen --windowed --skin=netbook2013_dark

2. Manually adjust one of the xml files, first you may need to enable view hidden files, then browse to:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\settings

Vista\Windows 7: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\settings

Inside that folder will be a list of xml files (they may all be inside a subfolder for some reason), now you want to scroll down until you find the 'skin.xml' file open this with notepad and you will see something like this:

    <string id="valu" value="netbook2013_dark"/>

where it says netbook2013_dark will be the name of your currently selected skin, to select the netbook2013_dark skin type netbook2013_dark as shown above and save the file. The game will now load with the netbook2013_dark skin selected.

When you load FM2013, maximise the window as that should resize the window so it is no longer cut off, you can also move or auto-hide the windows taskbar to give yourself some extra space.

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NOTES: Whilst the Tactics and Set-Piece Creators still cannot be resized they can acutally be used this time around if you click on them they will automatically shift to the bottom of the panel and clicking again will shift them back to the top. (If that doesn't work hold down either mouse button and drag the mouse up or down to move up or down, escape will also exit from them both).