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FM2014 Match in Between Highlights Skin (Adaptive Version)

Like FM13 the match screen we have in Football Manager 2014 is a hybrid TV-Classic view mode where again if there are no hightlights you are left on the pitch view instead of switching back to the last panel you were on, were we are left with a small pop-up giving us some information like the old TV-View widgets.

Thankfully this pop-up is editable, which is what this skin does it resizes the pop-up and modifies the content of the panels to show the full panel details where possible.

A new feature for Football Manager 2014 is I have modified the panel to use the adaptive panels seen elsewhere this means the panel will now resize itself depending on what resolution you are using (meaning no editing of the xml file just to get it working) and will also display extra panels if you have the space.

To make things easier this year I have made the mod into a skin which means there are a couple of different versions available depending what skin you are using and what you want:

There are two basic versions of the Adaptive Version of the mod (manually adjustable ones will follow which I've got it working):

Normal - Maximizes the size of the in-between match highlights panel positioned in the centre of the screen and leaving space for the match feed notifications down the right. (For the FMC version some of the match feed overlays the panel even in this mode as the feed takes up more room in FMC mode).

Wide - Maximizes the size of the in-between match highlights panel, but this time uses up the full width of the screen, this allows for more information to be shown at smaller screen resolutions, but the match feed items when displayed will cover parts of the top right side of the panel.

There are then three versions of each one for each of the default skins and the FMC mode skin.

Outside of the match screen the skin is identical in appearance to the default FM14 skin or the official dark FM14 skin if you download the dark version.

NOTE: The dark version of the mod requiries you to have installed the Official Dark Skin which can be obtained through the Steam Workshop

Change Log:

Version 2.0 (uploaded 23:00 GMT 18th December 2013)

- Fixed problem with IDs caused by patch 14.2

Version 1.4 (uploaded 11:25 GMT 18th December 2013)

- Checked compatibility with patch 14.1.4
- Added back coding to automatically pause the match when changing views in each panel.
- Included default 'match incidents small.xml' and 'match incidents overview small.xml' files to allow people to adjust overview screen layout.

Files have also been uploaded to the Steam Workshop as an alternative download method for people.

Installation Instructions:

When you extract the file you have have downloaded you should have one folder (name depends on which verson you have downloaded but should start ibh_adaptive) and a readme.txt file.

Now copy the folder into your skins folder within your Saving (what used to be called the User Data) Folder, by default this is:

For the full game (or beta):
\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\skins\

When you load the game up if the skin cache is off the skin should appear in the skins menu (name will depend on version you downloaded but should start Match Highlights
NOTE That FMC skins will only appear when you are playing the FMC mode and normal skins will only appear when playing the normal mode.
If the skin cache is on you'll need to turn it off, exit the Preferences menu and re-enter it and any new skins should appear, if not tick 'Always Reload Skin on Confirm' and change skins, click confirm and go back in and your skin should appear.

Advanced Instructions