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Larger Match Screen Skin

A skin designed to maximise the amount of space given to the pitch on a match day, based on the match screen modifications from my Netbook09 Skin.

Version 1.0 Modifications:

- Reduced size of Match Header.
- Removed Timebar.
- Moved Camera button to top right and made it embedded like other buttons.
- Pitch Modification can be applied to various other skins.

Version 1.1 (Updated 17th May 2009 17:20 BST)

- Changed location of header buttons so they are only used within match header.
- Tested Mod with flex09 SKin Fully working.
- Re-enabled Timebar in Split Screen Mode. (For Timebar Version).


First Screenshot shows default modification.

Second Screenshot compares mod to the default pitch size at 1024x768. (Different Resolutions and different pitches will have different results) Red rectangle shows position and size of pitch with default skin, Blue rectangle shows same pitch size but with mod applied:

Third Screenshot shows mod applied to the Klasa skin, whilst Fourth shows modification applied to the Skymning Skin:

Fifth Screenshot shows Version of the skin with the Timebar re-enabled, showing the same pitch from Image #2 the Red Rectangle is the pitch size in the default skin, the Blue Rectangle is now the pitch size using the Mod Skin with the Timebar, the Yellow Rectangle is the pitch size using the Mod Skin without the Timebar.

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the zip file and place the match folder within your skins folder. The default location for your skins folder is:
\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\skins
To Apply the Mod to other skins.

To apply the mod to other skins you just need to modify one file; the match.xml file located within the match folder. Open this file with notepad or notepad++

Locate the below line (line #18):
<flags id="parent" value="fm2009"/>
To apply the mod to a different skin you just need to replace fm2009 with the name of the skin you want it to work with, the name of the skin will be the same as the name of the folder for the skin you want in your skins folder.

For example to apply the mod to the Klasa skin change fm2009 to read klasa.

That's all you need to do, save the file load the game and reload the match skin. (You may need to turn off the skin cache first).

Skins that the Mod has been tested with.


Skins that come with the game.
Echelon '09

Working with minor issues:

Dark Horizon - No manager or World icon in match screen.
dDs09v2 - Menu Buttons in Match Screen overlap.
Klasa - White menubar on main screens. Need to comment out lines #29 to #33 for the menubar background in the header.xml file, or rename the header.xml file located in the match/panels folder to something else and rename the 'header - KLASA.xml' file to 'header.xml'

Not Working:

Netbook09 (Use the Match Screen already included with that skin).

NOTE: I can not fix the none working skins as it would require modifing the actual skin, you would need to modify the skin yourself.