DIY Tips

If you are "doing it yourself" We are glad to help at any level from just giving some advice to taking over where you are having trouble. With our low hourly rate, we can help your project be the success you envisioned.

Here are some professional tips to help you along:

Hardwood Floors: When laying a hardwood floor you need to put a vapor barrier under the wood. One of the best materials for this is roofing felt.

Tiling: If you are tiling in a bathroom area or any area that is likely to have water, use a special waterproof grout - currently only available at Lowes not Home Depot. (Use vinegar to clean up after using this special grout.)
Painting:  When painting, either with a brush or roller, remember to avoid "stretching" the paint. Paint a small area, about 3-4 strokes, and re-saturate the brush/roller. This will help to keep a smoother transition over the whole area and avoid having to repaint.