Contact information:
    Southern Methodist University
    Department of Economics
    3300 Dyer St.
    Dallas, TX 75275

Office: Umphrey Lee 313

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University and a Senior Research Economist (on leave) with the Globalization Institute at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. 

My research centers at the intersection of international trade and macroeconomic development. In the context of development, I study the role of international trade in explaining cross-country differences in relative prices, factor accumulation, and income, as well as the interaction between international trade and structural change. Methodologically, my work bridges the gap between the macroeconomics and international trade literatures by developing techniques to incorporate dynamics into multicountry models. I have employed these techniques to quantify the welfare gains from trade in a dynamic environment and to explore determinants of cross-country trade imbalances.

Check out the video below. Over 150 years of structural change in under 1 minute! It shows how GDP per capita and the composition of employment evolved from 1850-2008 for the U.S., Japan, the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan), and China. Each economy is divided into three main sectors: agriculture, industry, and services. Each sector's share in employment is plotted against GDP per capita, while GDP per capita is plotted against time.