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ISU Peoria Cohort
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iCampus Home Page

The iCampus Web portal is a network of personal information and applications for Illinois State University students.

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U.S. Department of Education
US Department of Education Web Site

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Supplementary Table of Contents for Research Links
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bullet Searching the NET
bullet Direct Links to Libraries of the World
bullet Government Related Sources
bullet Electronic Newspapers and Other News Sources
bullet Usenet Newsgroups

Search Engines

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Direct Links to Libraries of the World

  1. Here in Illinois, we like to dig around in the Illinet Online Library Catalogue. 
  2. Another good source for library holdings in the U.S. is in the Hytelnet Menu of library systems. This is a VERY comprehensive and easy to use listing of Libraries at Universities all over the U.S. and the World. 
  3. For education and classroom related sources, the CARL Uncover Journal Database is an excellent source for research and scholarly sources.
  4. Another great, Web-based source for libraries is the Resource Sharing Alliance Web site.  This is a regional organization that contains access to libraries all over West-Central Illinois.
  5. Finally, if I want to see listings directly from Spain, I have found good cross references in the Biblioteca de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Note: This Library  requires that your browser be configured to run Telnet applications.  After the Telnet kicks in, just follow the prompts for login.  You may have to switch to your Telnet window and set your terminal to "VT100" as prompted. You may have to switch to your Telnet window and login with - "biblioteca".

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Government Related Sources

Census 2000 Data Now Available

The White House
U.S. House of Representatives
        U.S. Senate
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
        The Thomas Register
          NASA Home Page

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Electronic Newspapers and other News Sources

My News Picks
Yahoo! - Online News Summary
News from Reuters Online
TIME Pathfinder
NewsPage Home Page
        Yahoo!  Internet Life Magazine
Internet World Magazine    

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Usenet Newsgroups

Deja News
Usenet news
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

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