• Results driven senior marketing communications executive with corporate (Canon, 3M), nonprofit (American Red Cross in Greater New York), agency and broadcast background possessing excellent skills in leadership, team building, strategic planning, program/budget management, written/verbal communications and media relations.
  • Direct corporate, product and nonprofit strategies with an eye on detail and deadlines, utilizing public relations, public affairs, media relations, corporate social responsibility, community relations and related strategies.
  • See the link at the bottom of the page for background and resume.

The sections listed in the navigation area include representative samples of writing,
media relations and additional information spanning several decades in the communications field.

          Communications assignments include:


          - Portrait of a Peace Corps Gringo that describes the life of a volunteer in Colombia during the early 1960s.
          - We Called Ourselves Rocketboatmen
that tells the story of top-secret World War II rocketboat missions.
          - People Buy Brands, Not Companies
by Marketing Doctor John Tantillo.
- My Husband Ran Off with the Nanny and God Do I Miss Her, a witty novel by former White House writer Tracy Davis. 


- Pall Corporation (life sciences and industrial divisions)
- Reputation Outlook (media-centric corporate reputation management firm)
- The Marketing Department of America
- Whitemore Group (privately-held insurance brokerage)


- The Bird & Bottle Inn (New York)
- Freedomland (50th Anniversary of defunct New York City Entertainment Center in The Bronx)


- America Responds With Love (nonprofit provides products and services for people with specific needs)
          - C.W. Post University
          - Environmental Education Foundation of Soil and Water Conservation in New York State
- Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)
- 6th Regiment of Maryland Infantry Descendants Association (for monument at Civil War Battlefield of Petersburg)


- Assignments for various public relations agencies: media relations for introduction of lung cancer blood test and to promote a New York animal sanctuary.

          Research/writing assignments
(includes communications materials and online media):  

- Monthly articles about Revolutionary War and Civil War news and historic preservation.
- Additional articles include the Dutch influence on New York's Hudson Valley, the history of the Society of the Cincinnati, safety issues for parents and children,
                  home improvement and a series about Italians in America.
- Examiner.com: content discusses marketing and communications strategies.
- Nileguide.com: travel destination content that includes hotels, restaurants and attractions -- Williamsburg, Boston, Newport, Baltimore and others.

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