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About Me

I'm the Science Department Chair and Lead Science Teacher at Byrd Middle School. 

About My School

Byrd Middle School is located in the Eastern San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles and is a "Green" campus; having modern solar panels and energy efficient heating and cooling technologies.

Our school has top-notch teachers, administrators, and staff.  Students who Byrd Middle School can be assured to receiving and excellent education and preparation for high school and beyond.

Classes I teach

I teach 8th grade Physical Science for both honors and sheltered students.  For my honors periods, I extend the students learning to a pre-college level, which they enjoy the challenged.  I also make sure my sheltered students meet science standards, along with improving their math and language skills so they will become successful in their future educational goals.  I enjoy preparing my students with the scientific, mathematical, and technological skills they need to be successful as tomorrows leaders and citizens.