The Sacred Text

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Bird, Michael F., and Michael W. Pahl, eds. The Sacred Text: Excavating the Texts, Exploring the Interpretations, and Engaging the Theologies of the Christian Scriptures. Gorgias Précis Portfolios 7. Piscataway, N.J.: Gorgias, 2010.

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The Sacred Text presents an overview of the formation, reception, and interpretation of the Christian Scriptures. It is written by contributors from diverse Christian traditions and covers an array of topics about historical and doctrinal matters pertaining to Scripture. The first section on “The History of the Texts” deals with the formation of the Christian canon, including the status of the Septuagint, the concept of Scripture in the second century, the role of tradition in creating and interpreting these ancient texts, and issues about canon and authority. The second section, “The Interpretation of the Texts,” looks at hermeneutical issues such the origins of modern biblical criticism, the current interest in theological exegesis, post-modern approaches to Scripture, and new methodologies relating to biblical interpretation such as feminist and post-colonial approaches. The final section on “The Theological Status of the Texts as Scripture” deals with how the texts are regarded as Scripture in various faith communities, including those of Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical traditions, and also by twentieth century theologians such as Karl Barth and Rudolf Bultmann. The Sacred Text is a solid introduction to questions of how the Scriptures came to be, how they should be read, and what they mean to different Christian communities.


Introduction: From Manuscript to MP3 - Michael F. Bird

The History of the Texts

1 The Septuagint as Scripture in the Early Church - Karen H. Jobes
2 Scripture in the Second Century - Tomas Bokedal
3 Scripture and Tradition: Seeking a Middle Path - Michael W. Pahl
4 Scripture and Canon - John C. Poirier

The Interpretation of the Texts

5 Scripture and Biblical Criticism - Jamie A. Grant
6 Scripture and Theological Exegesis - Thorsten Moritz
7 Scripture and Postmodern Epistemology - Robert Shillaker
8 Scripture and New Interpretive Approaches: Feminist & Post-Colonial - Jennifer G. Bird

The Theological Status of the Texts as Scripture

9 Catholic Doctrine on Scripture: Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Interpretation - Brant Pitre
10 Scripture in Eastern Orthodoxy: Canon, Tradition, and Interpretation -George Kalantzis
11 Still Sola Scriptura: An Evangelical Perspective on Scripture - James M. Hamilton Jr.
12 The Word as Event: Barth and Bultmann on Scripture - David Congdon