From Resurrection to New Creation

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Pahl, Michael W. From Resurrection to New Creation: A First Journey in Christian Theology. Eugene, Ore.: Cascade, 2010.

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What is Christianity really all about? Is it - in its essence - about proper religious rituals, or correct religious beliefs, or acceptable moral behavior? What is at the heart of an authentic Christian faith and life?

From Resurrection to New Creation provides an introduction to Christian theology which attempts to answer these questions, proposing that the heart of Christianity is not a set of rituals or beliefs or behaviors, but an event - the resurrection of the crucified Jesus from the dead - that prompts a story - the gospel or "good news" of salvation through Jesus. Jesus' resurrection, the book claims, is the starting place and the compass in the journey of Christian theology, our journey to understand God, God's work in the world, and how we should live out God's purposes for humanity. Thus, beginning with Jesus' resurrection and using this event as a guide, From Resurrection to New Creation surveys the terrain of classic Christian belief and practice. The Trinity, the identity of Jesus, the work of the Holy Spirit, the nature of humanity, Christ's atonement for sin, salvation and the gospel, baptism and the Eucharist, the church and the future state - all these landscapes and more are explored in this concise introductory survey of essential Christian theology.

"In this clear and compelling introduction to Christian theology, Michael Pahl explains the biblical roots and practical significance of the most important Christian convictions. He rightly directs our attention to God's resurrection of the crucified Jesus as the center of Christian faith and practice. Readers will come away both informed and inspired."
- Michael J. Gorman, St. Mary's Seminary and University
"This is the way to do theology, as rooted in Story, God's own Story that emerges with yearning for resolution at the time of Jesus and which only Jesus Christ resolved. Theology has too often lost sight of this Story, but Michael Pahl's book calls us back once again to the Bible and to the earliest theologians' way of doing theology - let the gospel story be told and let that Story shape how we understand theology."
- Scot McKnight, North Park University
"Michael Pahl profoundly grasps what too many Christians miss: that the death and resurrection of Jesus transforms everything. Carefully interpreting these events and their relationship to other areas of Christian faith, From Resurrection to New Creation shows us how the entire story of God, humanity, and the cosmos can only be rightly read in light of Jesus' saving work. This book is remarkable for its breadth of biblical engagement, its incisiveness of theological perception, and its lucid and accessible prose. Those taking a first journey in Christian theology could ask for no better guide."
- Daniel Kirk, Fuller Theological Seminary
"A splendid little book that explores the essentials of Christian theology in a fresh, lively, and insightful manner. By beginning with the resurrection, Pahl is able to make a point about both the center of Christian theology and how to do theology in a way that takes seriously the New Testament's historical context. Highly recommended!"
- David M. Miller, Briercrest College
"I am delighted with how well this book has worked in my introductory theology seminars, both by fitting very well into the content of the course and by striking just the right note with students - accessible, yet substantial and thought-provoking. And I found myself resonating deeply with the whole perspective that Pahl develops—“In the beginning God raised Jesus from the dead.” Which is to say that I will be using the book again next year!"
- Douglas Harink, The King's University College

Prologue: The Apostles' Gospel Creed
1 Resurrection
2 Crucifixion
3 Son
4 Gospel
5 Father
6 Spirit
7 Creation
Epilogue: The Apostles' Creed
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