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The Loving Way is all about improving human experience and bridges LWUSA. The Loving Way USA (LWUSA) is aimed at the United States of America, although anyone from any country could certainly use LWUSA. Love is love wherever you are on the planet. I judge behavior by the ethics of love as I understand it.   

By Michael T. McCrocklin, AB (psychology, ethics), MS (family life, sex education), MPA, (public administration), PhD (marital and sex therapy).

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I have always loved music. In recent years, I have begun to write songs of all kinds. I have several of them on YouTube. A DJ in San Francisco wrote me and said I had "something going on" and encouraged me to submit to Akademia Music Awards. My wife always liked One Starry Night, a song I wrote and then performed in several churches at Christmas time. She wanted me to submit that song. I submitted it and was thrilled that I won recognition from them.

Hear my song, One Starry Night, recognized by Akademia Music Awards for Best Contemporary Christian Song, November, 2015.

See Hummingbird Farm's site

Owned by Michael T. & Sara (McDivitt) McCrocklin

This farm was established by Sara's ancestors in 1841. Sara's ancestors cleared the ground for farming and built the first house. Someone born on this farm could have been old enough to fight in the civil war. The house (still standing) was finished in 1847 and Sara and I have refurbished it and are living in it. 

Sara and I both believe in preserving our ecology. We live in farm country and worry about the fate of pollinators and other helpful and beautiful creatures that are struggling from chemical assault. We all rely on the pollinators for everything we eat. No, I don't mean we eat the pollinators. If the pollinators die, the plants cannot pollinate; the plants will not reproduce; and we will all starve. That would suck. So we have dedicated Hummingbird Farm to restoring our natural ecology. 

Sara is a wildlife ecologist (she has a masters degree from Purdue University in wildlife -- the real kind, not party animals). Sara did her research on pseudorabies transmission between wildlife and swine herds on closed breeder operations. She is a master gardener associated with the University of Illinois. Sara also became a naturalist. Me? I just help.

I am totally for education. Our civilization needs as many highly educated people as we can develop. We need to do everything we can do to make it possible for any person to go as far as they can go. Our democracy depends on education. Without an educated population we stand an excellent chance of losing our democracy and that would be tragic. We also need an educated population to understand and contribute to science; we actually risk making decisions that will deteriorate and eventually render uninhabitable our planet. If we make the wrong decisions, we hand everything over to the cockroaches and worms. We need people to take seriously the threat of climate change. We would be idiotic to let our ignorance drive us to our own destruction. It is stupid to take it as a hoax. Credible scientists are all on board. Don't be lulled into disaster by a few people that want nothing more than to make money off the very processes that are contributing to the downfall of humanity. It is like this: if 99 doctors tell you your child needs a special procedure to live longer and 1 tells you your child does not need it, who are you going to trust? Well, the planet is your child and 99% of responsible scientists are telling you human activity is driving climate change that will do a lot of damage to the planet and therefore to all of us; are you going to trust the 1% that take a contrary view? If you do, you are nuts.
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  • Halloween, Christmas, music, food & drink. All for fun. I have my own recipe for pineapple cookies here. If you like pineapple.... 
  • Next is my book...available for free and it doesn't cost anything either. Sadly, it is very long and can be hard to read which is why I put it here. What editor going to want to spend the money and take the risk on a really long book, written in a difficult style that might appeal to a handful of potential readers? But, I recommend that you find a topic and look for stuff related to that topic.  

  • The photo on the cover of the book (November Sunrise) was taken at Hummingbird Farm.
  • FREE BOOK in PDF file
  • Love, Sexuality & Ethics: A Therapist Integrates Science, Philosophy & Theology 

  • LWUSA means Loving Way USA. It is more of an attitude than an organization. 
  • You could call it a sole proprietor, not-for-income "entity."  I succeed handsomely at the not-for-income part. My strategy is almost guaranteed to work since I do not set prices for any of the stuff I do All graphics are copyrighted; they are not trademarks.

  • The institutes below are really just websites where I lay out ideas relevant to the suggested topics.
  • The Behavior Institute covers some info about how we learn to act as we do. You can get an idea from the key, carrot and stick symbol. I am a cognitive behavioral sex therapist. Yeah. Amazing, huh? I have worked with virtually every type of sexual problem. I actually  wrote my earliest documents on the ethics of love for use in treating cognitive errors (distortions) of adolescent and adult offenders and in training staff to  coordinate their efforts in treating those guys. Everything works together.

  • LWUSA Behavior Institute
  • The Theology Institute discusses issues surrounding God and religion and has the symbol of a telescope on it to reflect the central role of science in modifying relevant thought. My background with religion is extremely complicated. Because I thought I wanted to be a pastor, I started as a religion major at Dartmouth College. I was carrying a double major with psychology. I finished in psychology. As I recall, I lacked only the advanced course in far eastern religions to complete the major. My relationship with religion got complicated during my religion major. I have had extraordinarily intense spiritual experiences, but I am agnostic and have been so since age 20 (since that religion major).

  • LWUSA Theology Institute
  • Loving Way USA is about providing a moral compass for human behavior, a compass that points toward love. 

  • Loving Way USA: LWUSA 
  • The Ethics Institute is all about weighing actions by the ethics of love as suggested by the balance symbol.
  • LWUSA Ethics Institute

  • The Sexuality Institute addresses ethical love in relation to all manner of sexual questions.

  • LWUSA Sexuality Institute
  • Hummingbird Farm, Paris, Illinois