Research archival documents and media:

Evaluate, annotate, transcribe, digitize.

Literacy Editorial & Research

San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Hartford


interview (CATI)

Interview MDs and consumers.

Help with data cleanup.

Public Research Institute

Daly City, CA 2010

FSC Group

San Francisco 2008-2009


Career overview, leading feminist theorist.

Estate of Lillian Robinson
Montréal 2006-2007

data management

Build Excel front end for mainframe database.

Automate input correspondence, tracking.

Wells Fargo Wholesale Banking 

San Francisco 2005-2006

research support

Expand functions of catalog database:

• Create researcher input and tracking forms. 

• Integrate periodic client overview. 

• Support catalog publication via intranet.

Wells Fargo Market Research

San Francisco 2000-2003