HD video

"The Difference She Made"postproduction 2016 "Sam Amos You Bastid"preproduction 2015

16 mm

"Tistou's Hidden Talent"

production: sound and picture lock 2014

"Without Order"screened ASIFA-SF 1999


Streamline services, reduce overhead.

Migrate to YouTube, advise on social media.


San Francisco

8mm stop-motion (digital remix)
"Tistou's Nightmare"screened ASIFA-SF 1999

juror, Apple Awards

National Educational Media Network 1999

lecturer, media lab manager 

Teach and advise: production and theory.

Manage lab facilities and staff.

San Francisco State University 1998-1999


"A Day on the Bay with Captain Dave"

Model for on-location job profile videos.

San Francisco State University 1997