Michael Lipnowski

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

Email: michael "dot" lipnowski "at" mcgill "dot" ca

Office: Burnside 1107

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the McGill University Department of Mathematics and Statistics. My thesis advisor was Akshay Venkatesh. My research interests include number theory, representation theory, and automorphic forms.

Here are my CV and publication list. Here is some information about number theory in Montreal.



In preparation

  • Algorithms for the topology of arithmetic groups and Hecke actions, with Aurel Page. Slides 1, Slides 2, Summary.

  • Polarization counting for abelian varieties over finite fields, with Jacob Tsimerman. Summary.

  • Growth of torsion for weight 1 modular forms, with Gerard Freixas i Montplet and George Schaeffer. Summary.

Computer code

Expository Writings

Below are informal notes written to accompany lectures that I presented for various installments of Stanford's number theory learning seminar.