Welcome to Mike Kinsley's website. (Such as it is.)

    Here is my Wikipedia entry, which is moderately accurate. Here is my New York Times page, which is very accurate. Here is my bio, which is completely accurate, and a picture which is reasonably accurate. 
    Here you can learn about--or even buy--my two most recent books, Please Don't Remain Calm (2008, a collection) and Creative Capitalism (2008, co-editor). Here is the New York Times review of Please Don't Remain Calm. Here are links to some memos from my days (more like minutes) at the Los Angeles Times about opinion journalism, the future of newspapersgovernment's role in society, and an Editorial and Op-Ed pages mission statement. Here are some of my past articles and columns.
    And here is a column mocking egotistical journalists who promote themselves on their own websites.
    Contact me.
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