Michael W. Hughes


Ph.D. Philosophy (Minor in Mathematical Logic), 2015
University of Connecticut

Visiting Graduate Student, Philosophy, 2012

M.A. (Philosophy), 2010
University of Connecticut

Bachelors (Philosophy; Mathematics; English; Political Science) Summa Cum-Laude, 2007
University of Maine at Farmington (Maine’s Public Liberal Arts College)


  • "Epistemic Inconsistency and Categorical Coherence: A Study of Probabilistic Measures of Coherence." Synthese (Accepted)
  • “Necessary truths are just true: a reply to Rossberg.” Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 3: 321-331.(2014)
  • “Glutty theories and the logic of antinomies,” in The Metaphysics of Logic, Cambridge University Press (with Jc Beall and Ross Vandegrift). (2014)  Link
  • “Problems for contrastive closure: resolved and regained.” Philosophical Studies 163: 577-590. (2013)  Link

Selected Presentations

Australasian Philosophy Conference (2012),  “Lehrer’s Solution to the Preface and the Lottery: New Formal Problems”.

University of Monash Postgraduate Seminar (2012), “Against Consistency.”

University of Melbourne’s Postgraduate Seminar (2012), Why be Inconsistent when you can be Arbitrary.”

NIP Graduate Conference (2011), “Problems for Contrastive Closure”

Photo taken on the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Australia