What to Expect

The thought of coming for counselling can feel daunting. Considering counselling may be an acknowledgement that something in your life is difficult or challenging and needs addressing.

We can meet for an initial session, where we can think together about your reasons for seeking counselling and whether it will be helpful for you. 

If you decide to begin counselling, we will arrange a regular time to meet each week. This may be for a fixed number of weeks or months or you may decide to come on an open-ended basis. We can discuss your thoughts and agree this at our initial meeting.

Being in regular therapy can be challenging, and may bring you in touch with difficult feelings which you may have previously pushed to the back of your mind, and would perhaps rather not experience. However, exploring some of these feelings can result in a better understanding of how you relate to yourself and to other people, and can increase the range of possibilities for change to take place.