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  • This is my 3D CAD Design site. All of my projects for MAE 377 Product Design In a CAD Environment are presented on this site.


Project 00


Project 01


Project 02


Project 03 


Project 04


Final Project


Quiz 01





 Wrench Assembly

 Grate Drawing




  • Projects
  • Project 00: required evaluation of five CAD softtware packages and some fundamental solid modeling.


  • Project 01: Required more in-depth solid modeling of complex shapes


  • Project 02: Required assembling the 3D parts using the appropriate constraints.



  • Quiz #1: Required modeling a coffee cup, showing the appropriate sections, posting it to the digital drop box, creating a web page and sending the link to the instructor.



  • Project 03: Required assembling the 3D parts using the appropriate constraints and dimensional analysis to correct the appropriate dimensions.


    • Final Project : Cooking Spit - Required design, moodeling, porject management, cost & life expectancy analysis and a users manual of a product with a full report and power point presentation.



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    Vise Part

    Lamp Bulb

    Skewer Clamp

    Spit - Drive End