Players Charter

  1. All Michael Glavey G.A.A Club players should wear their full Club colours with pride and dignity as befitting the great honour of representing the Club and parish areas in competitive sport. Official Club colours (black, green, and amber) must be worn at all times during matches. 
  2. The Michael Glavey’s players have traditionally played the game fair ,with due respect for fellow players, match officials, club mentors, and all club property. Any player that wears the Club jersey, must follow this tradition. 
  3. The Club has the right to demand loyalty from its players. Playing for Michael Glavey’s G.A.A Club is not just playing for a team-it is representing your Club, Parish, Community, your Family, and last but not least ,Yourself. 
  4. Give respect, get respect. 
  5. All players-Adult & Underage-Ladies, Girls, Men, Boys, representing the Michael Glavey Club, must have their membership and insurance paid on time and in full. Unpaid players are not eligible to attend training, use Club facilities, and play matches. 
  6. If a player/players are frustrated with a decision or direction given by manager(s) and /or match official, count to ten and take deep breaths. 
  7. Team Managers (Mentors) and Club Officers give countless hours of voluntary commitment ,players, please at all times, for your good and that of the team, follow the directions and engage 100% with your Management Team and Club Officers. 
  8. Please give your full commitment and loyalty to first team when training and for League & Championship Games. 
  9. All Players at every Grade, must wear a mouthguard in Training, during all challenge, and competition matches. 
  10. There is no “I” in team. 
  11. Be gracious in defeat, it builds character. 
  12. We learn a lot from a win, but more from a defeat. 
  13. Adult players are expected to contribute towards the financial wellbeing of the Club by joining lotto teams, and helping out in whatever way they can by coaching underage teams, etc. The Michael Glavey Club has provided excellent facilities , qualified coaches at all age levels, and opportunities to all players to represent their County at all levels. So that this work can continue, all players are expected to give something back to their Club. 
  14. Lastly, enjoy the game and be the best that YOU can be.