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tricks and treats

Most men are beasts, but in Tricks and Treats: Twenty Tales of Gay Terror and Romance, beasts are the last thing to worry about. Imagine a world where giant squid fly through the air, where unnatural forces dwell in a bathroom stall, where zombies close in on your too-cute salon, and where a guy may only be interested in your heart because it tastes delicious. First dates are frightening and relationships can be disturbing. But Tricks and Treats shows there is nothing scarier than falling in love...

Read an excerpt, or check out the Table of Contents below. 

Table of Contents

Kiss Me with Those Dead, Dead Lips


Apocalypse. Now?

Ambulance Chasers



Getting a Life

The Little Things

Blue Moon

One Night Only

The Boy Who Drowned On His First Date with Another Boy


The Sky Squid


The Black Room

Crosses to Bear


Marching Towards the Somme

A Matter of Routine

Faeries in the Wood