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the boy detectives

Much has been written about the girl sleuth in fiction, a feminist figure embodying all the potential wit and drive of girlhood. Her male counterpart, however, has received much less critical attention despite his popularity in the wider culture. This collection of eleven essays examines the boy detective and his genre from a number of critical perspectives, addressing the issues of these young characters, heirs to the patriarchy yet still concerned with first crushes and soda shop romances. Series explored include the Hardy Boys, Tow Swift, the Three Investigators, Christopher Cool and Tim Murphy, as well as works by Astrid Lindgren, Mark Haddon, and Joe Meno.

The Boy Detectives: Essays on the Hardy Boys and Others


Table of Contents

1) “Introduction: The Nomenclature of Boy Sleuths” Michael G. Cornelius

2) “A Hardy Boys’ Identity Narrative and The Tower Treasure” Larry T. Shillock

3) “Hardy Camaraderie: Boy Sleuthing and Male Community in the Hardy Boys Mysteries” C. M. Gill

4) “Terminal Immaterial: The Uncertain Subject of the Hardy Boys Airport Mysteries” Christopher Schaberg

5) “Strategies of Adaptation: The Hardy Boys on Television” Brian Taves

6) “Natural Detective Work: Ideas About Nature in the Early Tom Swift Books” Elizabeth D. Blum

7) “Tim Murphy: Superhero Without a Cape” Fred Erisman
8) “Adventures and Affect: The Character of the Boy Detective and Orphan in Astrid Lindgren’s Rasmus and the Tramp” Charlotte Beyer

9) “The Power of Three: Alfred Hitchcock’s Three Investigators Series” Alan Pickrell

10) “Clashing Genres: (No) Sex and (No) Violence in the Christopher Cool, TEEN Agent Series” Michael G. Cornelius

11)  “‘The Perfect Hero for His Age’: Christopher Boone and the Role of Logic in the Boy Detective Narrative” Nicola Allen

12) “Has the World Outgrown the Classic Boy Detective?” John Finlay Kerr

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