Current Projects


Feature Films


Balaam Gimble’s Gumption (comedy): When part-time handyman and full-time eccentric Balaam Gimble discovers a health-giving mineral spring on his rural land near the small Texas town of Willoughby, townspeople think that they have found a recipe for economic revival: Just add water. The way they see it, all that Balaam has to do is sell his land to a developer who has promised to build an upscale mineral spring resort. The way Balaam sees it, all that he has to do is summon the gumption to resist the pressure of community opinion, the temptation of sudden wealth, and a campaign of terror by a misguided masseur (in which only the masseur is terrified) in order to prevent prosperity from ruining a way of life for himself and for Willoughby. To preserve the status quo, Balaam is not above using guile, tenacity, and exploding cow chips. (Adapted from the published novel by client Mike Nichols)  Short film produced by Blue Logic Productions, producer David L. Brehm. See the short film:
Live From the Boneyard (comic thriller): To raise money for a wildlife organization, Rohypnol-packin’ renegade fashion model Sloane Kessler is blackmailing Texas gubernatorial candidate Will Wright with photos that show Wright in a compromising position with an amorous buck deer. Wright’s campaign manager will use any means – including a shadowy facilitator known as “the Handyman” – to find and silence Sloane. But when Dewayne Brinkley – mailman by day, burglar by night – steals Sloane’s computer containing the photos, the blackmailer becomes the blackmailed.  (Adapted from the unpublished novel by award-winning client Mike Nichols. In development with Sweet Revenge Entertainment, producer Christopher J. Smith, director Nicholaus Goossen (Grandma’s Boy, The Shortcut). 


Television Series

Simon Says (co-created with New York Times bestselling novelist Patrick A. Davis:  Lieutenant Simon Santos, Arlington P.D., is a homicide detective who is driven to deliver justice by any means necessary.  He is eccentric, independently wealthy, and has a dark side that threatens to destroy him at any moment.  In Patrick A. Davis’s novels The Colonel, A Long Day for Dying, and A Slow Walk to Hell, Simon is the driving force behind the scenes of the investigations but remains an elusive and mysterious figure, bringing in investigators Martin Collins (a retired Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent, now small town police chief) and Major Amanda Gardner (Air Force OSI).  In this series, he is revealed as the real star in any case this trio takes on.  Contact Karen A. Hamilton, 310-455-6041;


The Academy (co-created with New York Times bestselling novelist Patrick A. Davis:  There are few places on earth where greed, lust, jealousy, and unbridled ambition battle it out with honor, integrity, and camaraderie as fiercely as inside the walls of the nation’s military academies. The Academy offers a unique look inside one of those training grounds for the best and brightest this nation has to offer: the United States Air Force Academy.  The series will follow a group of cadets as they struggle their way through the Academy, as well as a core group of characters in the Academy’s administration, including agents in the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations (“OSI”) stationed near the campus, who were first introduced in author Patrick A. Davis’s novel The Shattered Blue Line . Contact Karen A. Hamilton, 310-455-6041;