Computer Protection

I hope all your computers stay healthy, if not, here I am. 

Protection from Spyware

My recommended program for clearing out spyware is Spybot Search and destroy.  If you want to download the program now, please click on the link to the right.  The program is fairly easy to use.  Upon loading the first time it will have you go through many steps to get the program up and running.  If you have problems with downloading updates (which are required, should you actually want to run the program.  Although you might have to run the program more than once to completely clean your computer, it is worth it.

Protection from Viruses

Although I have not had time to test a wide range of products, my work supervisor highly recommends Avast! as an anti virus tool.  You have the option at their homepage (link on right) to download a wide range of products.  An easy download is their virus cleaner, however, a full program is avaliable, both of which, I have provided here.


Protection from Other Computer Issues

For solving computer issus, I recommend CCleaner (link on right).  This program fixes random computer issues and help to speed up your computer by clearing out bad files.  You may have to run it a couple times and always create a backup file of the registry before you do.  It gives you the option of doing it automatically, don't be worried.



Spybot Homepage 

Avast Homepage 

CCleaner Homepage




    Spybot S&D 1.4 

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    Virus Cleaner