Rhetorical Analysis

Attached below you will find my Personal Narrative, which I completed for my English 103 class.  The purpose of the assignment was to take an important moment in our lives and to describe that event through a story.  The story was meant to convey some sort of important message or moral, using our own experience as a form of evidence for that message.  In my narrative, I described the time I was bitten by a dog and was later rescued by my older brother.



The biggest difficult I had in writing this paper was using enough detail.  I could imagine the time the dog bit me so clearly, but sometimes those details weren't typed out on the page.  My instructor encouraged me to add more specifics about the event.  For example, when I mentioned that the dog bite "hurt more than anything I had ever felt," my instructor encouraged me to explain what I meant by that in a follow up sentence.  I said that "the dog bite felt like a thousand bees decided to sting me at once while a large dog happened to be chewing on my arm.  It felt that bad!"



One of the things I liked about the personal narrative assignment was the ability to really express myself.  I knew that my audience would be mostly made up of other students who had been through similar experiences.  Because of that audience, I was able to use an informal kind of a language that would not necessarily work in a more traditional paper.  For example, when I said there was "no way I am ever going to get near a dog again!"  That statement was meant to be more emotional and less restricted.