Michael Day, Musician

"I always warm up one hour on guitar and 10-15 minutes on voice, but you should be able to roll out of bed and kill, that's the world we live in." 

Michael Day

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Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Current City: New York 

Collaborated with: Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Natalie Cole, James Ronstadt, Dan Torres, Jill Stevenson, Casey Benjamin, Chloe Temtchine, Derek James, Brent Shuttleworth and Obed Calvaire. 

Performances: Opening Act with Patrick Stump for the Panic at the Disco 2011 USA tour. Opened for Kelly Clarkson and Joe Jonas at the 2011 Q102 Jingle Ball at The Wells Fargo Center. Opened for Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae at The Verizon Amphitheater. Avril Lavigne opened for Michael Day and Patrick Stump.  

Education: Michael Day has his Bachelors Degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Mr. Day has also earned his Masters Degree of Jazz Guitar at Manhattan School of Music. Michael also studied music in Cuba at The National School for the Arts in Havana. 

Sponsorships: Michael Day is sponsored by D'Addario Strings.

Film/Television Scores: "Through a Dog's Eyes" - narrated by Neil Patrick Harris, "Cuba: A Hidden Eden" - National Geographic.

Musical Influences: Prince, Tears For Fears, Neil Young, Igor Starvinsky, Depeche Mode,
R Kelly, Trevor Horn, Otis Reading, Peter Gabriel, Sam Cooke, Chaka Khan, Mahler, Brahms 

Last Project:  Co-writing with Obed Calvaire. 

Random iPod Selections: "Baby of Mine" - Frank Churchill, "Wasting Light" Foo Fighters

"From his live band, Stump’s secret weapon came in the form of back up vocalist and guitarist Michael Day (hat tip to the Sun-Times for name confirmation), who the frontman revealed holds a master’s in guitar, though the other members of the outfit proved their worth throughout different performances." 

- Live review from Chicago Verse UniteD.