Solutions for an ailing world

Logos, Ethos, Pathos evolved
Synthesis via Jung's Alchemy and Ohm's Enlightening Physics

an early presentattion


0604A: Quality and Quantity, surely they relate like so

0604B: Quintessence; Dialectics in Algebra

0604C: Meyers Briggs completed elementally

0604D: Signs Process Simultaneus Measured Participation

0604E: Mechanics of Intuition; Demo You Dual Causality

0604F: Signs into Planets; Synthesis around us




It Speaks in Tounges


it's from some years ago but i show how all the old intuitions have a place in this matrix.




Distract your self with pictures of your genius's qualities. 




The First Zero Knowledge Circular Visual Ontology of the Archetypal stories of the great wheel.

And great astrology too!



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Cassius:"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,But in ourselves, ....."
Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)


In this fiction we've come to a place where people recognize that our ways of conceiving of ourselves and the world had been severely restricted the way 'the short term people' made us think and live.

We'd been looking for something more dimensionally integral but were led nowhere by the high priests with their shaven heads. Suddenly though the unspeakable happened, that's to say the magical tetragrammaton showed up carrying science with lots of wild triangular observations which all meshed together into something  which at last was not circular, it had an up and down. 

With the absolute background of an infinitely relative world in firm view we're now in this fictional world where anyone on or of the street routinely relies on meta-physics to properly guide things within the rules of the universe's fully participatory democracy.


Solutions for an Ailing World

Metaphysics is for those who know, it is not meant for those who need to belief. Power is taught to power and the road to freedom is not free.

Still.. Taking exception with the rigging of the game I would like to explain to how that you can know how to recognize and live with the obvious truths of our complex lives.

Moving into the country just because you crave the natural is going to leave you wanting as its not like nature comes with a clue-sheet. It does, but it does not too. 

People were supposed to make this clue sheet so that we could evolve and stuff. Then other people came along and said they knew it all. They were wrong. Those who allowed them.. were wrong to do so, but hey, there were not the ones with the guns.

THUS, lest we repeat yet another dark age for want of clearing spiritual mental emotional and religious delusions I thought I'd run myself another incarnation and put in my 2 cents..



They needed bodies for the sexual revolution; Now is the time for proper thinking and truth discernment.  That's slippery stuff too, but geez it is a bit on the dry side..  

So.. I come bearing arms...

Here I bring you THE ZODIAC CODE. I mean I'll tell you about it. Eventually you will buy it or my time and then someone will bring something.

For now you are among a few dozen or so people sturdy enough to consider that maybe we can integrate the elements by using what we know to push past what ancient folks could still marvel with directly - to a place where we could remember its essence in modern universal lingo, for a return trip

Archimedes would grok this attempt at leveraging singularity! Its a world-moving fulcrum, an, umm, axle.

Q: The world was given the blueprints when?
A: 1820ish and again 1930ish

 Library Center-For-The-Study-Of-Intelligence Csi-Publications Books-And-Monographs Psychology-Of-Intelligence-Analysis Cover


The CIA has posted the full text of one of its guidebooks, "Psychology of Intelligence Analysis The 1999 book was published by the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence. They say:

"When we speak of improving intelligence analysis, we are usually referring to the quality of writing, types of analytical products, relations between intelligence analysts and intelligence consumers, or organization of the analytical process. Little attention is devoted to improving how analysts think."   Fancy That! Ohm Laws might yet work for them too!


Its happens to be now that the TIME IS ONE where everyone needs a grounded rational reasonable and cogent model for the fusion of ETHOS, LOGOS, PATHOS & PHYSICS. Or face it, humanity will get its self ripped off yet again by plutocratic fantasies. This way, there's room for everyone!

I'm attempting to show we already have and know all the answers (and I don't have all the calibrations either), that we know what sane integrity and common sense would know...

We just think its not there. Because so many died we have mind-control by fear of skepticism in part because no-one had yet gotten to put humpty-dumpty back together again. Ohm did. And Ohms analogies map right into Jung's inspired work on the cognitive functions (slideshows)

We just didn't see it; We almost can't see its there because of how we're wired now. Imagine that everyone suffering any kind of dysfunction in their lives had a future where the root causes of these maladaptions had be integrated and become neutral. This model would point you to that world. Its a compass and a lens. And its not an invention.

Its just incredibly hard to get through to noticing what's in front of you. From there to writing down what I hope you find to be a cogent solution to a curiously persistent perceptual conundrum which can only be solved from the 4 quadrant perception bread into us - and relied on until ignorance allows it to wither. 

In Heaven and in Earth, as each thing get stamped from its maker, the elements relate and stuff gets done. New day, Same Idea, new machinery. If you can perceive that, and if you can perceive that the patterns between the 12 elemental relations work out to 7 while naturally showing up in a way that tells, algorithmically, the stories many myths would tell you. Its really quite weird! 

Who'd have thought Magic rational communicable? Real control of the flux, no vodoo. Easy to learn (once you believe it possible lol)

Being either the last of the Baby Boomers or the first of Generation-X, I happily call my self a freaky mutant free spirit visiting from Sirius and tell you that I've just tolerated the cognitive dissonance stuff until the rest of you grew up. Time to get your heads right!

Ok, so the non- mutants still outnumber the rest.. oh well.. Fear neither the collective ignorance nor your own. Its the price of admission; Its how you travel from the bottom to the top pyramid. Once there, its stable.

Off to the slide shows! 
You will grok this! I won't bore you with the details of the work just yet; instead I've posted a 1-slide-per-second-show to get you to notice where and how one might look for metaphysics out there in the everyday.  Its important stuff.

Please look at "MERGING THE OLD WITH THE NEW".  Linked from the side and here: 

Quality and Quantity, surely they relate like so
Quintessence; Dialectics in Algebra

The first 2 parts are enough to give you the gist, the rest currently have font-issues from the import anyways. THESE ARE BIG FILES AND SLOW TO LOAD!


Recap: 1. Guy on the internet says 'new way of thinking like the ancients means mysterious stuff can at last be written down'. 2. ?????. 3. Profit.  News at 11.


The Zodiac Code

Discovers that when you view metaphysical, religious and esoteric concepts, statements and ideals through the lens provided by Ohms law.. that.. umm.. you can literally see what operations everyone is groping at with their words.

To rectify this insane and counterproductive babel which keeps most everyone below genius level awareness, we need this level of confrontation with reality to grok what the alchemical operations were and are about: Relativity within the Absolute.

Whence you keep such basic considerations as your organizing principle you learn to glimpse into reality and the consciousness of this funny ever-present now without being tripped up by your human machinery's prejudices.

Weird as that sounds, think about this work as a dialectic for people who know themselves in any and all ways. Its an attempt to bypass opposites for their fusion and to model preference, blind-spots, genius and perspective in dimensional and integrally humane way. That is by allowing for all the archetypal constellations life brings to us.

This book uses the complete matrix of Ohm's law to reveal a miraculously flawless machinery by which one can obtain a far deeper understanding of the mechanisms at play inside the characters of the zodiac. That's to name the most wickedly well delineated example of the life-cycle there is.

And "The Zodiac Code" explains its guts and splendid sophistication as best I could in 2005.  If you dabble in magic or religion, learn this. Nothing can touch the eternal laws of Ohm: An older draft with tons of delineations is linked here as

It Speaks in Tounges.


     btwThis work is and was considered to be an impossible dialectic.  It is not and it was not. Its just quite weird at first when you do science without exempting you. Do get over it.

Further, on consultation, I was advised that yes, it is permissible to share the rules of the game with the participants <g>. Once you see them, the whole thing becomes self-explanatory.

But yes, the ancient greats were right - they could not have written this stuff down until Mr. Ohm and Jung did. 

When you mash 'em up, you kinda have to unfold this other dimension because there comes the point beyond which dewey like ontologies, tag-clouds and statistics based on context and linguistics, machine translation, knowledge representation, data-modeling etc FAIL.

We seem to have lost the ability to think on all four cylinders. Instead of shifting our blind-spots we turn them into shadows - playing zero-sum rather than productive games with pretensions at personal ego immortality;  I think all that could be fixed by ending history, by realizing that we've had working models of enlightenment for 180ish years now. 

Since the relations in the network of Ohms law are natural and open-source they basically make an excellent 4D racetrack for the mind where you mentally travel the edges, planes and points as you would playing any game.  Unlike a game, the operations of nature come without license fees nor can anyone copyright or patent them. No updates, revisions or glitches EVER happen. It comes with a perpetual guarantee; 

Only Circumstances change. The Racetrack is 'the eternal consequence'. Its also called 'The Matrix', and the only way out - is to turn the whole system on. Activation, unfoldment, taking ownership of the part, surrendering to 'the real ways by which we know our selves to know'.

Its how wholes operate no matter what any of the parts think. It's whats meant about life as play. Its how we ought to settle conflicts and get through the pain of awakening. When considering stuff from an integrated reality I suggest we start with the rules before calibrating on how we're going to discuss their expressions.  Seriously.

Its a Logic of the Commonwealth from another perspective. It expresses how the parts depend on the fullness of the whole. And it shows in an accessible matrix processes seeming to pre- semble deep insights of mankind. As I understand that stuff, YMMV etc ppp. 

It is both hard and easy to understand or see how practical my observations are depending on your own, the thing giving one perspective.. eccentricity. 

If you're a polarity practitioner, I'm talking to you about sequencing your protocols, two at a time so that you can use the implicit result in your next decision. 

If you're an electrical engineer, I'm talking to you about taking 12 simultaneous DC measurements and all the considerations that go into making them.

If you're a meditator, I'd suggest you extend the tetrahedron made by your cross-legged seat about 3 feet more and imagine your center at the center of that. you now have 'access'. visualize, rotate, explore the axes, pick a point and let it unfold into a plane, focus and repolarize projections. fly a swarm of them..

As a mediator you would use the tet to model demands and solutions as organically entwined. This allows you clear insight into hidden motivations etc by what you are presented with and how. 

In other words, I try to model how discernment works by insisting that the same problem that is calling people to demand a science of conscious- ness is what gets them to miss it being there in the first place! (since Ohm/Jung) 


Anyhow, with a dialectic based on blue-prints that have already proven to be enlightening your genius might just fix and engineer a few things that will be of lasting value.

The book meanwhile still needs work.  Your insights and assistance are appreciated.


elsewhere in my field

Rationalizing the Mysteries

Basically I figure that you have to 'eat your own dog food', that is, use your own products and live with them for a while. So in other explorations I set out to rectify 5 channels aka interpreters by taking their written views into pictorial form with aid of a local artist.

We set out in a random like manner with the marker leading the artist through different books and stretches of the zodiac. We completed the circle in about 4 months.

The idea here was to curate the pieces one by one without prejudice as long as they did right by the writers. And that is how we calibrated a 360 degree visual ontology, a world's first survey of the transformations of the one force. with the mysticism taken out that is.

Using freely available online charts, anyone can use "The Soul Keys" to get anchors for deep insights into themes running around in a horoscope.


Having created the site and delivered  some 200 awesome readings with just images, I felt like there was enough statistical significance there to return back to the algebraic dialectic by which to cure an ailing world!

Thus in these pages me pushes,argues,relates and implements from and for the idea of quintessence.
Crystallizing a fusion inclusive of reason, serial linear rationality, but neither limited nor constraint by it.
The idea being that somehow there, being real starts.






Quality and Quantity context
through a slideshow

Loosely related imagery

Explaining how Ken Wilber got it wrong

Astrological Geekery around this topic

Medit-Aid: Brainwave Syncronization Tracks

Astrology fluff and ego intro pages



 It Speaks in Tounges



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