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Michaela Gündel

About me and my personal interests

After a Bachelor course in Applied Informatics, I enrolled in a Master in Life Sciences programme, studying a diverse range of bioinformatics topics, including ontologies. I also studied microarray techniques for my Master Thesis, where I developed a workflow for Agilent, Affymetrix and Amersham chip data. 

When I started working for Leaf Bioscience s.r.l. in Milan, Italy, I found that the ontological field was far more challenging than what I had learnt at university before. At Leaf Bioscience we applied the OBI and related OBO ontologies to a European project called DC-THERA European Network of Excellence that dealt with the field of immunobiology and dendritic cells, and we created a Knowledge Management System (KMS) called the "DC-THERA Directory". As a second job I also  worked in close collaboration with the Italian Association of Telemedicine and Medical Informatics (@ITIM) / "Istituto Internazionale di Tele-Medicina" (IITM) Association and the Euro-Mediterranean Medical Informatics and Telemedicine Association (EMMIT), Italy, where I participated in another EU project called NEUROWEB in the neurology field. 

After working some time in the ontology field in collaboration with the Fraunhofer SCAI Institute, I am currently employed by the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (University of Bonn, Germany) and SCAI and work on my PhD in the field of semantics and modeling in systems biology.


My Curriculum Vitae

...in more detail than what I already wrote above, can be found here.


If you are interested in my theses...

Bachelor Thesis: Development of strategies for the recognition of spelling variants for the automatic recognition of protein names (German, 309 KB)

Master Thesis: ArrayProcess: Work Flow for Microarrays (English, 7.545 KB)

... or in my other work...

Other publications