(H-11) is a clan that was thought

up by (H-11)D.  This site is made

to give you an idea that we will be

here for a long time.  If you want

to join, we will have a contact

option on this site.  Socom is the

game that started it all, but we

are working our way into

Call of Duty Black Ops for the wii. 

Just to let you know, we will

always choose Socom 1 over

Contact us here at
 (H-11)M is now on Call of Duty Black Ops (Wii) and is looking to add more to the clan. With (H-11)D being busy, it's hard for him to get on that much.  Same goes for (H-11)K.  If you want to join, go to  Clan Contacts  and add my friend code.  Then update your tag to
(H-11).  You can also go to post to add your friend code or to chat about Socom 1 and Black Ops.

Culture Shock

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