Economists' Opinions on the Economy

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Survey on the Economists' Opinions on the Economy!

Luca De Benedictis  (University of Macerata)

Michele Di Maio (University of Naples "Parthenope")

This website contains the documentation for the survey on the economists' opinion on the economy we conducted between April 2007 and June 2007.

We sent an invitation to fill in an on-line questionnaire to 1511 Italian economists; we got responses from 495 (a 33% response rate).

We asked economists to express their opinions on: 1) the actual economic conditions in Italy; 2) the causes of the difficulties of the Italian economy; 3) the most effective policy proposals to put in place to overcome the Italian economic slowdown.

We also asked information about the respondent's individual characteristics, academic profile, methodological approach, personal attitude with respect to life and political opinions.

We are now working on a series of papers based on the data collected. The papers will be posted in the OUTPUTS page as they become available. Eventually, we will post there the specific dataset of each paper and supplementary materials.

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DOCUMENTS (letter, questionnaire, etc.)

DATA (answers, descriptive statistics, etc.)

OUTPUTS (papers, slide presentations, specific datasets, etc.)

LINKS (other surveys, blogs and articles on economists' opinions and on our paper)

BIBLIOGRAPHY ([almost] all the papers written on the economists' opinions on the economy)


Luca De Benedictis: debene(at)   

Michele Di Maio: michele.dimaio(at)