Working papers

Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement (with Tilman Bruck and Sami Miaari), HiCN Working Paper 185 and IZA Discussion Paper 8543 [R&R Journal of the European Economic Association]

The effect of conflict on fertility in Rwanda (with Kati Krahnert, Tilman Bruck, and Roberto Nisticò) [R&R Demography]

Security, trade, and political violence (with Francesco Amodio and Leonardo Baccini), HiCN Working Paper 250 and IZA Discussion Paper No. 10819 [submitted]

Effect of parental job loss on child school dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories
(with Roberto Nisticò), CSEF WP 456 [submitted]

Heterogenous entrepreneurs, government quality, and the effectiveness of industrial policy (with Giorgio Fabbri and Vincenzo Lombardo) [pdf] [submitted]

Be wary of those who ask: A randomized experiment on the size and determinants of enumerator effects
(with Nathan Fiala)

Education is forbidden: The effect of the Boko Haram conflict on schooling in Nigeria
(with Eleonora Bertoni, Vasco Molini, and Roberto Nisticò)

Conflict, economic shock and child labour
in Palestine
(with Tushar K. Nandi), HiCN Working Paper 74


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