This is Michele De Stefano's web site.

I am a Telecommunications Engineer with experience in Digital Signal Processing, particularly in the fields of geophysics and remote sensing. I'm a researcher and a developer and my work always leads me to situations where I'm forced to face complex problems, both from the mathematical and the engineering point of view. I develop High Performance Computing (HPC) applications and I am able to program in several langages, amongst which I mention C++, Java and Python. I'm slowly developing and supporting a small Open Source library of C++ utilities (mds-utils) which are aimed to facilitate various tasks, like the development of Python extensions.

I built this site a bit as a hobby and a bit to force myself to keep several professional information (like my resume) up to date.

Before I let you go, I would like to remember that the contents of this web site are protected by copyright laws.



Remarks for the not Italian reader

I want to stress that Michele (pronounce Mi-ke-le, with the "e" like in "send") is the Italian equivalent of Michael and is a male name. I say this only because often my name is confused with the French "Michelle" (double "l") which is female. Second, and most important, point, my surname is "De Stefano" and not "Stefano" only. "De" is not my second name, it is part of my surname. Please, keep it in mind if you want to cite one of my papers. It already happened to me to be cited as Mr. Stefano (and this is not correct at all).