Computational Methods for Molecular Imaging (CMMI)

Molecular imaging is an evolving clinical and research discipline enabling the visualization, characterization and quantification of biologic processes taking place at the cellular and subcellular levels within intact living subjects. Molecular imaging consists of planar to 4D imaging, which are acquired in various imaging modalities, such as SPECT, PET/CT and PET/MRI. Computational methods play an important role on the development of molecular imaging, from image synthesis to data analysis and from clinical diagnosis to therapy individualization. They continuously deepen the visualization depth, enhance the imaging resolution, extend the molecular scope and improve the precision.

This workshop is the extension and upgrade of our two tutorial sessions on molecular imaging during MICCAI 2012 and MICCAI 2013. The tutorial session in 2012 is Modeling and Analysis of Molecular Imaging (Link 1, Link 2). The tutorial session in 2013 is Introduction to Analysis and Applications of Molecular Imaging (Link 1, Backup Link). In these two sessions, by inviting distinguished researchers from all over the world, e.g. Prof. Sir Michael Brady, we started to attract attentions of many computer scientists in the field of molecular Imaging to MICCAI.

1. Please find our publication in the Springer website (Link)
2. Thanks to everyone's support, we have a very successful event with state-of-art research topics and awesome presentations from all our speakers. 

Every group is conducting the very top quality researches, therefore, it is really a hard choice for us to decide the award winner. We set up two award for our workshop: "Best Paper Award" and "Best Presentation Award".

Here, we chose the best paper award based on 3 factors: review scores from external reviewers, recommendation from steering committee and program committee, and onsite vote. 
The best paper award winner is Stefano Pedemonte from Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, USA with paper "4-D PET-MR with Volumetric Navigators and Compressed Sensing"  

From left to right: Fei Gao (Siemens, Organizer), Cyrill Burger (PMOD, Best Paper Award Sponsor), Stefano Pedemonte (Harvard University, Award Winner)

The best presentation award is based on onsite vote, the papers with same vote will ranked by the review score. The best presentation award winner is Liam Cattell from University of Oxford, UK with paper "Investigation of Single- Versus Joint-Modality PET-MR Registration for 18F-Florbetapir Quantification: Application to Alzheimer’s Disease"

From left to right: Fei Gao (Siemens, Organizer), Liam Cattell (University of Oxford, Award Winner), Kuangyu Shi ( Technical University of Munich, Organizer) 

Congratulations to our award winners!

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Georges El-Fakhri ( Harvard Medical School ) link
Prof. Richard Carson ( Yale University ) link


The workshop focus on Molecular Imaging, but not limited to 

Image Synthesis & Reconstruction of Emission Tomography (PET, SPECT) & other Molecular Imaging Modalities
Molecular Imaging Enhancement
Data Analysis of Clinical & Preclinical Molecular Imaging
Parametric Imaging & Pharmacokinetic Modeling
Multi-Modality Image Processing ( PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/CT etc. )
Simulation and Biological Modeling of Molecular Imaging
Machine Learning and Data Mining in Molecular Imaging
and All Clinical Applications of Molecular Imaging

Important Data

All deadline are 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (May change according to the MICCAI main conference schedule)

Jun 13        Submission Deadline

Jul  16     Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

Aug 1       Official Program

Aug 1        Early Bird Registration

Sep 14      Workshop Day