Surrounding our son, Micah, with a community focused on making the world a better place. 

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Micah is 6 is it's 6 marathons for 6 causes, a six-pack!

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Wow!  A tweet from Coach Carroll - Go Hawks!

Check out these two recent news stories about Micah!


Meet Micah

Micah has been rolling in marathons since he was 2.
Our goal is to build a community around our son and inspire others through his amazing spirit. For each marathon Micah partners with a cause that's making a difference.

Building a Community

Our goal is to surround Micah with a community that loves him. More than 200 people ran with him at the annual Walk, Roll'n Run!

Each year Micah sets out on a spring marathon campaign matching how old he is with marathons and causes!

5 for 5 in 2015