Helmet Hat description & info

        ADULT COTTON HATS:      
*18" diameter brim

*lightweight 100% cotton

*galvanized steel wire inside rim allows hat to be twisted into 6" circle

*includes 6" zippered carrying pouch
*cuts for helmet straps disguised by overlaid flaps, protecting ears from sun

*chin strap optional - can be cut off by customer if hat is worn exclusively with a helmet

*one size fits most




*same as description above, except:

*15" diameter brim 

       ADULT NYLON HAT:    

 *same as description for cotton hats above, except:

*15" diameter brim

*100% nylon

*no flaps to cover cuts above ears

*3" hole in top of hat for ventilation

*terry cloth lining inside hat at forehead serves as sweatband