Micaela Kramer grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she studied at Escola de Artes Visuais (EAV) do Parque Lage. After moving to New York at the age of 18 she took classes at the Art Students League, the National Academy Museum and School of Art, and Pratt University while concurrently pursuing an academic trajectory. Her interest in the relationship between visual art and poetry inspired her to write a Master's thesis on the Brazilian Concrete Poetry movement, and she continued to investigate the relationship between art and literature in a doctoral dissertation in Comparative Literature. This same interest in the flirtation between verbal and visual languages finds expression in Kramer's collage-work, where texts become an integral part of the visual fabric. Kramer works also with painting and sculpture, and is intrigued with confounding the registers between luxury objects (or conventional art materials) and construction material. She likes to shop at Home Depot and local hardware stores, and her work incites questions about the hierarchies we create between construction labor and "high" art by painting on upholstery fabric with spackle and asphalt, or by using gravel as a decorative element. 
Micaela Kramer lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and is a part of the Gowanus Artist community.