Citizen Activities: In Brief

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Day 1 - Settling In

Today, the boys arrived and are already hard at work. Shortly after arriving, they were given the city budgets and discussed potential solutions for funding. Between this and the recreation time that followed, they're already beginning to get to know each other.

After lunch, there was a general assembly to kick the week off right with speeches from GVSU president Thomas Haas, Head counselors Mike Stoll and Inam Kang, as well as Dr. Jerry Kelley who is an integral part of the week. 

There were several meetings for the boys explaining the process of running for governor, as well as elaborating on how the local governments work. Finally, they elected candidates for several city and county positions to be voted on tomorrow. 

It's been a great start to the week, stay tuned for more information!

Welcome to Boys State!

This year is the 80th camp hosted by the American Legion. It is truly an honor to be invited to attend, only a small portion of the students in Michigan have this opportunity. You may have a few questions and/or concerns about the week, more often than not the students that attend know very little about what Boys State actually is. 

Boys State, in effect, is an opportunity to learn how to be a leader amongst peers. This is achieved by having all of you run state, county, and city governments for the week. There is hardly any downtime, on the second day elections already begin for some roles in the government, and by the third day we will be in all-governments-functioning (AGF). This is where you will be fulfilling your role in the state, whether it be as a legislator in the House or Senate, or writing articles for the states' newspaper, The Whirligig. Over the course of the week, you will learn how these positions come together to create a functioning state. Through this hands-on experience, you will learn more in this week than anticipated. 

Boys State is not only a lot of hard work, but it also a chance to learn about peers from all over the state. You will unavoidably become friends with many of the others in your cities, as unlikely as it seems the first day. We (the counselors) hope you have an amazing week and take these lessons learned and apply them in your future careers.

2017 Boys State Election Results

Governor: TBD

Lt. Governor: TBD

Attorney General: TBD

Secretary of State: TBD

Supreme Court: TBD

Court of Appeals: TBD