Summary:  Planning for the Miata rear window repair was one of the most difficult parts of this project.  I used Lowe's (Home Depot would work)  for most of my supplies, but did not find the expertise I needed when it came to the adhesive.  I went to a local hardware store where the owner gave me advice from his 30 years of experience.  He directed me to the Goop Marine adhesive and sealant.  Goop adhesives is made by Eclectic Products, Inc out of Eugene, Oregon.  I did not find it at Lowe's.  He claimed that it would smell for about a weak, but it would be the best adhesive for the task I had.  I paid $6.95 for the Goop adhesive knowing that the expert advice was well worth the little overhead it cost me to go to a local hardware store (Lowe's, Home Depot, or Walmart would be cheaper I'm sure).  The Duraplex by Plaskolite was just a cheaper solution to the Lexan used by Jimmy Pribble.  I wanted to be able to use stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart because those are readily available to so many people. 

Time:  3 hours

Cost: $62.57

Comments:  I'm sure many of you can do this exact rear window replacement project for cheaper because you already have some of the materials.  For example, you might already have a Sharpie marker, a piece of plywood, or a jig-saw blade.  This is what it cost me.  If you see a blank in the cost, this means I already had this item. Please feel free to leave a comment on the Visitor Comments page.

Miata Rear Window Parts