What our people are saying

Hello Miabella,
I just want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for all your wonderful help and support.
My family attended the event (Holiday Hafla) and they're still talking about how wonderful it was.
Even my son!
When I first started, he asked me, "Why are you doing this?"
After the hafla, he definitely understood.
My brother was also against it but told me the he now thinks that belly dancing as "artistic" and he's been telling all his
friends about how wonderful the recital was.
I haven't been on stage since (I'm sure) middle school.  I was so nervous and just kept repeating to myself - Love is above me, Love
is below me, Love is all around me - and it really helped.  When the performance didn't go as planned, I was getting ready to be super
devastated BUT I could feel everyone's love and understanding and (just like you said) the world didn't end.  I got so much support
from everyone and I'm only looking forward to giving it another try the next time.
I'm reading a book by John C. Maxwell called "Put Your Dream to the Test".  In it, he explains that if a dream is difficult, you have little
support, you experience failure and you still want to do it, it means that you are on the right track.  I honestly feel that is true and I thank
you so very much for everything.  You and all the ladies are helping me make my dream - of shedding away shyness and believing that I
am beautiful and that I can dance with soul and spirit - come true.

 "I felt a little adventurous so my best friend and I decided to take belly dance lessons.  I will say that I was a little intimidated at first, but once we learned the basic moves, we ended up having so much fun!  It is also a fabulous ab workout.

  "I had a private lesson with Louisa and it was so much fun and she really builds your confidence up.  I would recommend Louisa to anyone who is looking for more of a one on one session.  Thanks Louisa!"

  "Nice people, good learning environment, and FEMALES ONLY!!!  No male distractions, easy to make new friends with."

  "Why?  I do not know, but I do not want to let another day pass without sharing my story with you..." 
I was suffering, yes, now I know the difference between soul vs. heart or eyes crying.  Yes, my soul was bringing out tears in blood caused for the deepest pain I had ever felt, and suddenly an angle appeared.  Yes, she came to me and asked me to join those belly dance lessons - for my daughter?  I asked (who caused the pain).  NO, insisted the angel, for you!  But she just met me, why did she insist?  Only the Lord could have sent that angel into my life because the Lord knew that those lessons could minimize my souls pain.
Then the angel disappeared for more than a year.  I realized that she was only an angel, but suddenly when she came back in 2010, I realized that the angel came back to remind me that I am here just to receive the peace that I needed in my life for those hours at my belly dance classes.

You, Miabella, will never realize how important your energy, smile, professionalism has meant to me.  Yes, you will never imagine what is in the soul of this woman that with your enthusiasm makes me forget and gives me the strength to go on...
I am still in the process of healing my soul and it is almost done.  I now know that my hands, arms, legs, muscles, belly do exist and can be moved not only like machines in front of a computer, desk, or airplane, but nicely like touching air - that is life!
Thank you Miabella for all those hours in which you minimize the pain of my loss, my aunt, my dog, and today one of my best friends.  Thank you also for those hours in which I forget all my body pains and my soul sadness.
I admire you!"

  "I just wanted to tell you thank you, Miabella, for following your passion.  I attended your Wednesday beginner belly dance class and I could definitely see the love and passion you have for what you do.  As a complete non-dancer, it helped put me more at ease and is helping me to slowly start coming out of my shell.
I enjoy both you, Miabella, and LaLuna as teachers."

Student Review Of Class Taught By Miabella At Desert Passion Workshop:
  "I took the two workshops with Miabella.  My friend and fellow troupe member Nirmala, said that Miabella was her first dance teacher so I have been waiting to meet her for a long time.  She was exactly what I thought she would be, vivacious, outgoing, silly (in a good way!) and knowledgeable.  I can see how she would be a strong influence on a lot of dancers. "

  "Louisa is the ultimate cougar."

  "Thank you Louisa for being such an inspiration."

  "Words cannot say how happy I am to have found you again."

  "Louisa - you are the wind beneath my wings."

  "Louisa, I can't begin to thank you enough!  We had an awesome time, and I'm sure you'll be seeing some of us again.  Thank you for making my birthday a wonderful occasion!" 

Crystal Foster
  "Miabella, It was an amazing experience that we won't forget.  I forgot how much fun it was to be taught any type of dance but this was beautiful.  I found myself letting go and enjoying the movements.  My sister as well as myself and all the girls at the party had so much fun.  I look forward to having you come and do this again at another venue...it was incredible...thank you so much and enjoy your trip to Egypt."

Karla Parra (Grasshopper)
  "Dear Master (Miabella): Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of being in Egypt.  It was because of you that I was able to come and experience the Arab side of the world.  I learned a lot, and one of the things I observed was that you were not like the other teachers trying to show off.  Keep being the humble person you are."

Sheila Harris (About Super Belly Sunday With Simon)
   "Hi Miabella!  That was one of the best workshops I have been to...Simon was such a good teacher who really knew his stuff.  It was so much fun.  Glad he went into detail with it all...and it was a great workout!"

  "If I am the professional belly dancer that I am today, I owe it to Miabella and her studio, Crescent Moon.  She has taught me everything from how to be a graceful & classy belly dancer down to the business aspect of it."

January Dear
  "Where do I start?
I took my very first belly dance lesson (my first DANCE lesson) at Crescent Moon from Miabella in November of 1998.  I remember I got lost, as many people do their first time out there.  But don't let the weird location fool ya.
Twelve years later, I have seen & heard it all when it comes to belly dance instructors in the DFW area, and I really believe Miabella is the best.  Truly.  She is professional and patient and truly does this because it is her passion & her calling.  In order to keep her business alive, sometimes she has to hike up the tuition or something, but that's just because she is taking care of business!  She is an amazing teacher and person.  I can't imagine what it would've been like learning from anyone else.
When I started there, it was just Miabella teaching three or four different levels of belly dance classes.  Now there is sooooo much more!
After I felt I had run my course, so to speak, with regular belly dance classes, I started taking tribal belly dance with Brandy.  She is an amazing, sweet, & patient person as well.  She is super knowledgeable in her field of expertise too.
Just come to the studio & check it out.  You'll be a belly dance junkie in no time!"

Lisa Trusler
  "Ten Years Ago Today, I took my very first belly dance class!  Thanks to Miabella of Crescent Moon for being THE BEST possible ambassador for this dance form!  I will love her and our dance forever."

Jeanne Reese
  "Hi Miabella!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful performance/lesson at my friends 30th birthday party this past Saturday.  You truly were the highlight of the party - people couldn't stop talking about it and we had so much fun!"

Sandra Camp
  "Miabella, Thank you so much for helping to make my birthday so special!  I love every minute at Crescent Moon, and truly appreciate you and all my other friends here.  My time at Crescent Moon is the highlight of my day!"

Jessica Heckman
  "I just wanted to thank you Miabella for being amazing.  Last night's halfa was such a fantastic experience.  I had so much fun and was amazed to find out that despite my ridiculous amount of shyness, my nervousness left me as soon as I stepped on to the stage.  This whole experience has been incredible, and I look forward to many more.  I really just wanted to thank you for doing what you do and helping me and so many others find the beauty and grace we have hiding inside us."

Karla Hartzell (PC)
  "If no one ever tells you otherwise Miabella...your level of education is world class!"

Semiramis (Kathya Hattaway)
  "I went to a local belly dance show this past Saturday and while I was sitting there watching the performances, I kept noticing things like floppy feet, toes not pointed, chicken arms, & poor posture.  And I thought to myself 'Miabella would have not let that happen'...so for that, I thank you."

Michelle Gadison
  "The Don't Cha dance was a big hit. The whole family thought it was great and the ladies have been talking about the class non-stop. And when the ones that missed out heard what went on they were sick. Thanks so much for making my family feel so comfortable.
I will most definately be giving you a call so I can get back into my classes. Again thank you."

Clifford Brooks
  "I want to let you know that Dana is on cloud 9 & still has not came down yet.  Last year at this time, Dana was not feeling good due to back & neck pain & headaches.  Her back doctor told us her spine, neck, etc. was ok, but her problems were due to lack of muscle mass.  Thanks to you & the YMCA, she is feeling so much better.  I thank you the most because in the almost 20 years that we have been married, I haven't seen Dana this happy in a long time.  I look forward to coming home from work & hearing Dana tell me about how much fun she had at your studio.  If I did not get any presents this year from Christmas, I would still be a very happy man.  Having my wife happy is the best present of all."

"I absolutely loved my class & cannot wait until next week.  Everyone was so nice & friendly.  I felt right at home the moment I walked in.  You have a truly wonderful studio."

Thank you so much for having us. We had a great time and you're an awesome teacher. We all could tell you enjoy what you do and are very good at it. Keep up the great work and hopefully we can return to your class one day.
The BEST Bachelorette Party!"

Stacie - Kaleela
"Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that Dari really loves the classes. She was all smiles when we left last night and was asking about performing in the December Hafla. It's exciting to watch a passion of my own start to blossom in one of my daughters. Also, thank you for all that you do. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing dance is in my life. It opened up a new world to me when I started years ago that I greatly needed. I feel it saved me in a way from some really dark times. And this time around even though life was already great, dance just adds another dimension of joy and freedom that's hard to describe. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher and a true inspiration. Have a beautiful day!"

Lilia (Client From GigMaster)
"Wow!!!!!!!to say the least. Neenah was awesome, she had moves that mesmerized all of us. All of my guests were raving about her. She was very nice and her gifts to us and the kids were a very nice gesture. The birthday boy (my 78 Year old dad) was so happy and he said he had the best birthday ever. I will definitely be calling on her again. Thank you Gig Masters for hooking me up."
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